There has been a big change in the workforce because of COVID. Many individuals who had no intention of retiring had a change of heart. They realized there’s more to life than working. President Biden, at 79, is well into retirement age. One day he woke up and decided that he’d had enough of being President. Who needs the stress of dealing with one crisis after another - whether it is COVID, the Russian invasion or inflation - while at the same time being personally attacked and subject to ridicule? Biden doesn’t need the money. He would rather spend time in Delaware with his family and friends than tour the country in a Ford Mustang EV.

If he would resign, then the vice president would become president. It would have been easy for a doctor such as Randy Jackson, who was Trump’s physician, to say that Biden was unfit for office. Biden did not think that Kamala Harris really wanted to be president. There is only one person who is fit for the position: namely, Donald Trump, who has shown that he will do anything to be president. Anyone who wants the job so much must be a great servant for the people. We see in authoritarian countries how those who remain in power do so solely because they are patriotic.

To put Trump back in power, short of again storming the Capitol, one would have to fix the results to make sure that Trump won the 2020 election. Once the results were “corrected,” Biden would give up the presidency to Trump. Biden would tell the country that he was doing it to save the country from any more division.

Biden thought about reaching out to the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP). However, he decided not to, since they’d done such a bad job by losing the 2020 presidential election. It took talent for an incumbent president to lose the race for reelection. Someone suggested that they should see MyPillow’s Mike Lindell’s video for ideas. However, if they did what Lindell claimed, no one would believe them.

It was decided that this should be solely a Democratic Party operation. One thing Democrats know how to do well is lose elections. They made a plan code named “The New York Giants Fumble” and hired the group known as the Plumbers, led by Curly, Moe, and Larry. Their forte is fixing problems using stooges.

The first place they had to fix was Georgia. They needed to change 11,800 votes to switch the state to Trump. They hired the team that made the film Wag the Dog to produce a film showing Democratic operatives taking ballots out of suitcases, which had on them the KAOS logo and Steal the Election. All the ballots except for one were for Biden. They put the one vote in for Trump to make it look legitimate. The film would then be sent to the Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger and leaked to Beowulf Splitzer at CNN and Trucker Clownson at Fox.

To change the results in Michigan, a boat named Stop the Steal was used. One-hundred-and-fifty-five thousand ballots that listed votes for Trump were put in waterproof containers on the boat. The boat was then sunk in Lake Michigan. It was “discovered” by divers with the contents still inside. The divers made sure that there was a news team with a camera from Unnatural Geographic to cover the finding and opening of the containers. The containers were then brought to the Michigan Secretary of State.

In Arizona, they enlisted Major Tom, who would be floating in his tin can with Dominion voting machines from locations that supported Trump. They would then beam down the machines using the technology created by Captain James T. Kirk and his Commander Montgomery Scott. Major Tom, before he lost communication with ground control, admitted that he took the machines as part of a Democratic Party plot to steal the election.

In Pennsylvania, there were many mail-in ballots that Trump claimed were fraudulent. They “found” 81,000 ballot envelopes with counted ballots for Biden postmarked from the Netherlands. It appears that it was not only the Pennsylvania Dutch who voted. This is proof to some Trumpians’ claims that there was foreign interference in our elections. 

The Plumbers went to Moowaukee, Wisconsin, where they stuffed cows with more than 21,000 ballots for Trump. They leaked the story so the media would pick up the cow chips and use them as evidence that ballots for Trump were discarded.

President Biden, with this mounting evidence of fraud, had no choice but to turn the reins back over to Donald Trump. Biden then took an Amtrak Train to Delaware and faded into obscurity. Trump was shocked that he got the presidency back. When he found out about the Plumbers, he told them that they had a future in politics and should run for Secretary of State as Republicans from their state. This way they can fix the results from the inside.

 big words - We see in authoritarian countries how those who remain in power do so solely because they are patriotic

By Warren Hecht