Do you like to argue? If you said yes, then the YCQ debate team would be a perfect fit for you. If you said no, I still think you should try it out; and if you disagree, then you are already arguing with me so I know you will be a great fit. The YCQ debate team, run by Mrs. Ayelet Katz, is a group of JHS students who compete in debate competitions against schools across the tri-state area now via Zoom. The debate team meets every Monday after school to practice and prepare for their upcoming debates.

Before each competition, all the teams receive a topic in which the debaters will argue either pro or con. They spend a few weeks practicing their debate speeches and thinking of good cross questions. In the first debate, the topic argued was whether voting should be mandatory. YCQ’s four debaters who competed were Rebecca Sisser, Abigail Badalov, Ruby Samson, and Sarah Leah Sullivan. YCQ was awarded Third Place school. Sarah Leah Sullivan and Rebecca Sisser took home awards for First Place team and First and Second Place speaker.

Debate is especially exciting this year because many extracurricular activities were canceled last year and this year due to COVID. We are so appreciative for the opportunity to debate kids from other schools on Zoom. We are hopeful that perhaps later this year, debates will take place in person again.

By Sarah Leah Sullivan