What would you do?

Would you deem it worthwhile

To bear children

If your sons

Would be drowned in the Nile?

Amram and Yocheved

Withstood the test,

Took correction from their young child

With Moshe’s birth, were blessed.


Miriam had been right,

The redeemer was born;

Hashem had remembered them

As He had sworn.

Ki tov – the child shone light

Like creation’s first day,

But he would be killed –

They had to send him away.


Could you have relied solely

On Hashem providence,

Send your newborn out

To a death sentence,

Floating in a casket of papyrus,

Drifting, from the Nile’s bulrushes?


Could you even watch

This tender fugitive,

Wondering – how could this baby

Possibly live?

Miriam watched,

She had no doubt,

Even if she couldn’t figure it out,

G-d has His ways,

She had bitachon;

Hashem’s path to salvation

Would be made known.


What were the odds

Despite Pharaoh’s decree,

The redeemer’s rescuer

Could possibly be

Pharaoh’s own daughter,

Hashem’s will manifest,

Her maids walked by the river,

Silenced, their protest.


Miriam approached,

Offered to fetch a Hebrew nurse;

The idea was appealing

The princess not adverse.

Gladly agreed to the little girl’s charms,

Moshe was returned

To his mother’s arms.


A Hebrew saved

From an Egyptian

At the water’s shore;

This event would be replayed

On a large scale, once more:

On one side, churned the ocean deep,

On the other, Pharaoh’s great army

With vengeance to reap;

Doom seemed certain

From one side, or another,

But Miriam watched

As she did for her brother.


Nachshon of Yehudah

Didn’t speak a word,

Went forth like a lion

Then the miracle occurred,

Macro-cosmic salvation

Of the entire Hebrew nation,

Miriam had cause

For her own celebration;

Danger at death’s door

Changed to jubilation.


She merited to sing

Her very own song,

Her prophecy delivered

For her faith was strong.

We no longer have prophecy,

The world harsh and unjust;

But Miriam had the answer:

In HaKadosh Baruch Hu, we trust.


 By Sharon Marcus