(Courtesy of Ten Yad)

In the wake of the historic COVID-19 pandemic many organizations have drastically scaled down their work. Logistical challenges and COVID regulations make it very challenging to continue “business as usual,” and many have simply shut their doors.

Ten Yad quickly understood that scaling back was not an option and that its services were needed more than ever. 

Ten Yad is an organization that is committed to helping kallahs in need celebrate their wedding days with complete joy and dignity. And today’s kallahs are among the hardest hit by the global pandemic. From wedding gowns to houseware, Ten Yad provides every kallah who comes to them the essentials she needs. To fund this enormous undertaking, every year Ten Yad hosts a magnificent auction. All proceeds from the evening go directly toward answering the call of kallahs everywhere.

Planning a wedding is very stressful. There are so many details to lock into place and so many decisions to be made, all surrounding a transformational life change that is about to occur. Anyone who has celebrated their wedding during lockdown has had to deal with additional stresses of further lockdowns, surprise regulatory changes, and the absence of friends and family members. The wedding a bride and groom had spent their entire lives dreaming about was now severely compromised in many ways.

Additionally, many families found themselves swept off their feet financially due to the catastrophic economic effects of the pandemic. Many parents can no longer help their children in ways that they were previously able to do.

With all of the additional burdens on the shoulders of chatans and kallahs, it was apparent that the effects of not hosting the annual Ten Yad auction would be truly devastating to the ever-growing number of kallahs around the world who need help. In an unprecedented display of creativity and innovation, Ten Yad is bursting through any limitations and soaring beyond expectations with the event of the year: the Tenathon.

The Tenathon will be held on Nov. 8. The virtual event that will be livestreamed, free of charge, around the world. Men, women and children are invited to tune in and participate in an exhilarating evening of entertainment and inspiration.

The finest performers that the Jewish world has to offer will appear on stage to produce a one-of- a-kind musical masterpiece, definitely 2020’s event of the year. Avraham Fried will be accompanied by an astounding 60-piece Philharmonic Orchestra, a historic pairing to touch hearts and souls. It’s a deluxe concert in the comfort of one’s home.

Nearly 80 prizes will be raffled off—live—throughout the evening, including: a Cartier watch, exclusive international vacations, thousands of dollars worth of silver Judaica, and over $20,000 worth of the finest jewelry, and other luxurious prizes.

The community is invited to join and and participate in this event benefiting an extremely worthy cause. For more information about the Tenathon and to view the entire selection of prizes, visit www.tenyad.com.