It’s a mistake to trust a snake,

He leaves destruction in his wake;

His forked tongue can speak from both sides,

To rationalize a stream of lies.

When Chavah took the snake’s advice,

The world forfeited paradise.


America’s in darkness, you can see the cause:

A cabal of Democrats

Abusing power, breaking laws,

A double standard in media, all one-sided;

Forked tongues spewing lies,

Leaving us confused, divided;

Their aim to tear down and distract,

It is time to face the facts.


Nineteen minutes after

President Trump’s inauguration,

Impeachment proceedings

Rocked the nation;

Bent on overturning America’s selection,

Democrats would not accept

That they’d lost the election.


Three years and 30 million dollars spent

To unseat an American president,

Trying to prove Russian collusion,

An illegal scheme, to sell an illusion; 

Nothing found, a wild goose chase,

All that time, and tax dollars – gone to waste!

No apologies for the fiasco,

But, a new frame-up launched,

Alleging “quid pro quo.”

Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine

Had fishy connections to explain.

Though within his rights, Trump’s one phone call

Cited, to nail him to the wall;

Though these charges, also found unjustified,

The gleeful press had Trump crucified.


Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s 

State of the Union Address;

Did that spectacle make Trump’s dignity less?

Disrespectful and unrefined,

Did she have the nation’s good in mind?!


Mainstream media is 90 percent

Democratic owned,

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election

Was the Dem’s touchstone;

When that fell through, huge donations were blown,

Millions “invested” that Hillary would reward –

Steyer, Soros, and Bloomberg had jumped on board,

But America didn’t vote their way;

They lost all those millions,

Trump had to pay!


In February, Pelosi went to Chinatown,

De Blasio rode a train to Broadway;

They said, “Come on down!”

Called a travel ban from China

Racism against immigrants,

A prescribed travel limit, yet another Trump offense;

COVID-19’s no threat, they said;

Then they blamed Trump

For the pandemic’s spread.


Murder, crime, and homelessness stats

Are highest in the cities run by Democrats;

Crime is rampant, unimpeded,

Anarchists seem to have succeeded.

Their Democratic leaders don’t want bedlam’s cessation,

Would rather keep their cities in ruination;

In fear and depravation, like a third-world dump,

So they could sit there – and yes, blame Trump.


Now, America’s not the Garden of Eden,

But as a Democracy, it is a beacon,

Where freedom and opportunity can be found;

It’s still the world’s “best game in town!”

Defending that freedom sometimes takes

Fighting the tide, disputing snakes,

Who’d replace our freedom with their “vision”

Using lies and division,

Like Adam HaRishon and Chavah’s fall,

Snakes could cause us to lose all;

Our way of life can be taken away,

Lest we stop them, on Election Day!


By Sharon Marcus