Everybody’s so excited,

Enthusiastic, and delighted.

Photo-ops, a Nobel Prize,

“Achieving peace,” stars in their eyes.

But is this treaty really wise,

Or another Oslo in disguise?


What would Israel need a peace treaty for,

When there is no threat of war?

What does Israel stand to gain

From UAE and Bahrain?            

Of course, there’s “acceptance”

(Which we’re always coveting),

But what exactly is Israel getting?

Pieces of paper, nothing more?

Consent to our right to exist, in store.

If Israel doesn’t provide a two-state solution,

Lost will be, even that resolution.


Kushner claims Israel’s

“Eating up the West Bank.”

We’ve him to thank, for breaking rank

From our ancient heritage,

Our Promised Land.

Entrusted to us, from G-d’s Hand,

The two-state solution

Kushner aims to pursue.

Gives lives lost to terror, no value,

Israel’s safety, no issue.

Sold down the river –

It’s always the Jew!


Trump promised recognition delay

Of Judea and Samaria – at least four years away.

Until 2024 at least,

Development is ceased.

It’s “Land for Peace!”

Trump is a builder,

How’d a freeze make him feel?

Guess that’s what you call

“The Art of the Deal!”


Israel, I pray for you,

Sold out by Bibi Netanyahu.

Dealing with promises made of sand,

Bartering Hashem’s Sacred Land.

Paying hard coin, for something soft,

A promise aloft, broken oft.

Sharks are circling once again,

Many pretend

To be your friend.

Fickle, the nations we rely upon –

If not for Hashem,

We’d be long gone.

This great peace treaty,

A concession stance.


So, no, you will not see me dance!


By Sharon Marcus