Dear Alice,

Can you give me general guidelines on the popular Passover foods and their calories? Just want to educate myself so I can make better choices!

Whole wheat is lower in calories and fat and is higher in fiber. However, spelt is gentler on the digestive system. If you have any digestive issues or stomach sensitivities, choose spelt. Otherwise, choose whole wheat.

A typical shmurah Matzah is equal to four breads. If your plan allows for two breads, have half a shmurah matzah. If your plan allows for one bread, have a quarter of a shmurah matzah. When possible, such as on Chol HaMoed, stick to whole wheat matzah crackers.

A square matzah is equal to two breads. If your plan allows for two breads, have one whole matzah. If your plan allows for one bread, have half.

Tip: Find out in advance exactly how much is a kezayis so you can eat that bare minimum at the sedarim. Your matzah is your complete starch, so avoid any other starch along with it.

Exception: if you are skipping the matzah or just having a bite of it

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