Colors: Cyan Color

Yesterday you did nothing, and today you’re finishing what you did yesterday. Oh, no. Being stuck in this Rona rut is truly a recipe for disaster. Things have gone so insanely off course that we cannot simply get over it. You’re drained mentally, done emotionally, and exhausted physically. The government’s “solution” to a problem is most often worse than the problem itself.

The car in front of you has been cruising at 15 mph for four blocks already. How tightly is that anxiety gripping you right now? Anger, grief, depression, and resentment are your new daily companions? You feel as though you’re either going to burst, or fly apart and fracture into a thousand pieces.

Did you just stumble into a political virtue signal, or was that sequined designer mask a fashion statement? You may believe that masks are not remotely effective – even harmful – or conversely that others aren’t taking restrictions seriously enough. There are cities already installing mask cams for the alleged “violators.” Needless to say, not all are by any means comfortable with the slippery slope of governmental intrusion and control they are witnessing.

Hey, if your mind is really always closed, why is your mouth open? Not seeing eye to eye with too many people nowadays? Isn’t it just so much easier to agree than disagree anyway? If you feel like you’re about to lose it with nearly everyone around you, please remind yourself of this: You may be stark raving mad about the opinion or idea your friend is stating, but you’re not angry at her. Please depersonalize and, above all, resist the temptation to be sarcastic, scolding, or cutting. Not always a good idea to stir the pot. Know what you’re cooking before you get burned.

I ordered a course extension called: “How to Deal with Life’s Disappointments.” Yesterday, I got the first lesson by mail. It was an empty envelope. Don’t you also like failure? It’s so easy to achieve. If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?