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Your lifeboat just sprung a leak? Do you sometimes find yourself drowning in the waters of negativity? You may need to challenge those dark thoughts and ask yourself: “Is there a more positive way that I can view this situation?” One of the secrets to a more uplifting outlook is learning to ask yourself helpful questions. What are some of the negative influences in my life?

Due to intense brain fog, all of my thoughts have been canceled until further notice. There you are again, wading through that mental fog. I once tried to grab fog, but I mist. Truth is we need fog to remind us that all of life is not black and white.

Stay safe.” After all, one cough can change your life, they say. Ah, yes – the phrase that is being flung at you by everyone, including the local cashier. Of course, they may mean well. We have been thoroughly convinced how utterly unsafe we are. So as considerate as it sounds, it can’t help but serve as a reminder of how at risk you may be. For some, that saying itself triggers anxiety and fear.

Not exactly livin’ la vida lockdown, eh? Fine. Don’t buy a 2021 planner until you see the trailer. You Googled your symptoms. Turns out you just need a vacation. People from all parts of the planet share the same sentiment. The world feels awfully heavy right about now. Is it weighing down on you? Instead of it feeling safe and peaceful, it seems as though it’s about to implode. Our faith in government leaders and even some so-called medical experts has taken a beating that some may never recover from. How do you get out of the mental rut? It’s no simple feat calming the chaos in your head.

All caught up in “Corona”? It’s no wonder, with everyone spouting, “Stay safe” everywhere you go. Instead of constantly reminding everyone that they are supposedly in constant danger and “unsafe,” radiate positivity to brighten an unsuspecting person’s day. Making others happy is one of the best ways to brighten up your own world.