Hadar Bet Yaakov is enmeshed in play rehearsals! Mrs. Shaindel Antelis, famous singer-songwriter in the Jewish music world, joined hands with Hadar Bet Yaakov as both writer and director for their springtime production of The Hidden Miracle.

Preparations for the play began before midwinter break, when students were in the midst of midterms. Mrs. Antelis introduced the girls to her musical play and held auditions over two days. Parts were given out and girls went into midwinter break with their scripts to learn their songs and parts in this musical retelling of the Purim story. Ms. Carmielle Bean, Denver native with a passion for dance, joined the HBY production team to choreograph the dances. Throughout the late-night rehearsals, where girls are regularly leaving school past 6:30, as well as coming in on Sundays, students have resonated with positivity and are uniformly excited for opening night.

Hadar Bet Yaakov is using production not simply as an extracurricular activity but as a learning tool, as well. Students are involved in all aspects of the play. They’re selling tickets, running the concession stands, making costume and background choices, and giving it their all so their production is a major success.

Hadar Bet Yaakov’s performance of The Hidden Miracle will take place Wednesday night, March 30, at the Hillcrest Jewish Center. Tickets are $20 each; to purchase, please call 516-670-5756.

By Shoshanna Friedman