Dear Editor:

 I enjoyed Warren Hecht’s columns lately about the Siyum HaShas and his travel escapades through Spain. Perhaps he turned over a new leaf. However, his last article was disappointing. I am not going to comment on everything from his most recent column, but just some highlights, or more aptly termed “lowlights”!

“Mitt Romney is a winner.” Really? Since he claims to have voted his conscience and with his religious beliefs to impeach President Trump, is that to be understood that no other senator has a conscience or is religious, because he was the first senator in US history to vote against a sitting president from his own party? Where was his conscience or religious beliefs when President Obama made his Iran Nuclear Deal?

I suggest that he has sour grapes for having lost to President Obama. If Mitt had only debated against him the second two times as well as he had the first time, he could have won the election.

Adam Schiff a winner? The whole trial was a sham; the transcripts exonerated Trump. If he had “credible” witnesses, why didn’t he bring them himself to the House of Representative’s Impeachment Inquiry? He knew the Senate would never allow witnesses! This is the same Adam Schiff who had the “clear” evidence that Russia interfered in the election for Trump, but somehow never showed it!

But, the worst statement was the firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was an Obama holdover. He was trying to make his own policy, was a leaker, and then President Trump fired him predictably. Would you want someone like Vindman on your team? Mr. Vindman is Jewish, so Warren writes, “As usual, they start with the Jews.” Mr. Trump has been a stalwart supporter of Israel (unlike Mr. Obama) and has even issued an executive order against anti-Semitism to protect US Jews in schools and college campuses!

Rashida Tlaib at Rutgers University made blood libels against Israel, and Dov Hikind gets thrown out of the speech when he confronts her. She is the type of “loser” that you should focus your articles on!

Michael Rollhaus