He’s No Hero

Dear Editor:

 Although I applaud your excellent article about the ten “chosen” Jewish-American Heroes at the 100th Annual Veterans Day Parade, I am more than a bit astounded and highly question your choice of highlighting “Chaplain” Chanoch Lebovic in a picture marching alongside true heroes. As featured weekly in The Jewish Press “Seruv List” for eight years now (!), “Chaplain” Lebovic is a known recalcitrant husband, in seiruv of reputable batei din, who has been keeping his wife a chained agunah for almost a decade!!

It is unconscionable that a respected publication like the Queens Jewish Link should highlight, and in essence validate, such an individual, who is not only truly undeserving of our acclaim, but rather worthy of our community’s scorn and ire, and perhaps pressure to finally give his wife a get.

Please issue a correction or retraction on this significant issue, as otherwise you have unfortunately given such reprehensible actions your tacit approval.

Thank you in advance,

Chaim M. Bernstein

 EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you to the readers who wrote to us about this issue. Had we known this information about the individual in question, we would have omitted him from the article.


A Softer Approach to Crime?

 Dear Editor:

 This is regarding the photo, which appeared in a recent issue, of the victory party for Melinda Katz as Queens District Attorney.

It is not a victory for the Jewish community. I agree that Melinda Katz has always been sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community and has always had an open door policy. This is a good thing and is praiseworthy.

However, her policy pronouncement and her vision for running the office taking a much softer approach to criminal justice will result in a significant uptick in crime, which will have an adverse impact on safety on our streets and neighborhoods. I think there is unfortunately a strong sense of complacency due to the relative safety we have enjoyed for many years. But this is due to the law and order policies of the current DA’s office – ever since Judge Richard Brown was appointed DA in 1991, until his death this past May.

It was also sad and disturbing to see some Orthodox rabbis in attendance at this party.

Alan Fenster
Kew Gardens Hills

Be Wary of Senator Schumer

 Dear Editor:

 Taxpayers have nothing to celebrate with Senator Charles Schumer. He continues to raise millions of dollars from trial lawyers, Wall Street, and other special interest “Pay for Play” friends in his quest to elect more Democratic Senators, so he can become Senate Majority Leader after the 2020 election. He proudly boasts of billions in financial assistance “treats” from Washington brought back to New York but never tells voters where the money to pay for this came from.

Since 1981, under Schumer’s watch as both a Congress member and Senator, the national debt went up by $19 trillion. It increased from $1 trillion in 1981 to $22 trillion today. Schumer never talks about this at his standard Sunday news conferences or campaign reelection commercials. It is nothing to be proud of.

What is really scary is the trillions more in national debt that he continues to support as Democratic US Senate Minority Leader. Imagine how much worse it would grow if he becomes Democratic US Senate Majority Leader.

Remember in 2016, like the Cowardly Lion from the Land of Oz, Schumer came out at the 11th hour against the proposed treaty with Iran but with a wink and a nod to President Obama; he refused to lobby his fellow Senators in joining him to oppose the treaty. Many Jewish and non-Jewish friends of Israel will never forget or forgive his abdication of leadership on this issue.


Larry Penner

Inappropriate Picture

 Dear Editor:

 I opened my Queens Jewish Link early this week and was shocked to see a shameful picture of the new rabbi of the Queens Jewish Center with his wife posing cheek-to-cheek and holding hands! The pose also exudes a certain vibe of personal intimacy – and this is their mara d’asra! Where is your paper’s rabbinical consultant? I am aware that he is okay with women’s pictures in your paper, but is he okay with this, too? Rachamana litzlan!

Perhaps he should reevaluate his position on this issue.


Rabbi Oren Kagan, Cedarhurst