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Hadar Bet Yaakov girls marked Parshas Chayei Sarah as an opportunity to learn about challah as an opportunity to daven and have specific t’filos (prayers) and kavanos (intentional thoughts) during the different parts of the challah-making process. Girls went to Brooklyn with principals Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Ribowsky to visit Janet Esses, who gives “challah classes” with a unique take on the procedure that focuses more on personal t’filah than culinary skills.

This past week, the Rambam Mesivta concluded its epic “Among Us” Tournament. With close to 50 students participating, in the end there could only be one man left. It came down to two juniors, Akiva Lader and Zachary Sicklick, with Zachary winning the highly coveted “Championship Among Us Plaque” and Akiva taking home the Runner-Up honors.

Ezra Academy students have become very aware of the importance of Rosh Chodesh and are cognizant of when each month’s Rosh Chodesh falls out on the calendar. This is due to the exciting and creative schoolwide breakfasts that are held. Each year, a unique and fun theme are chosen from the onset. This year, the theme is “Games.” In addition to that, each month carries a specific aspect of that theme. That idea then gets tied into the breakfast with decorations, the food, divrei Torah, and oftentimes carefully chosen songs. COVID-19 has made those breakfasts impossible to run. However, that was not going to stop the highlight of every month. The program would just need to be tweaked.

The first-ever Central Virtual Open House was held this past Motza’ei Shabbos! In order to add a personal touch, before the event even began, Central faculty, parents, and students formed a “pizza brigade” and personally delivered a pie of pizza to the home of each prospective student. Then the program began, featuring addresses from senior Shira Ebbin, G.O. President, Rabbi Joshua Goller, Masgiach Ruchani, senior Rebecca Mermelstein, and Head of School, Ms. Bracha Rutner.