In response to the terrible events of October 7, and the ongoing war since then, Hatzioni, MTA’s Israel Club and Publication, knew that they needed to organize something that could make a difference in helping the soldiers in Israel. After hearing that the army base of MTA alumnus Gavriel Pudell needed kippot, a cookie sale was organized and $340 was quickly raised. The money reached Gavriel’s unit through Lev LaChayil, an organization dedicated to helping Lone Soldiers.

From there, the Israel canteen has flourished. Stocked with snacks and candy, the table is set up during lunch and Minchah break for students to purchase. A bowl with change is left alongside the snacks, as students pay on the honor system. As Rabbi Eli Cohn, faculty advisor for Hatzioni said, “The canteen very much speaks to the values of our yeshivah: The talmidim and faculty are invested in doing anything they can to help, and there is a wonderful culture of trust and working together that makes it all possible.” The canteen has raised over $500 so far. All proceeds will continue to go to chayalim serving in the IDF.