On Tuesday, November 14, the Central student body took a day away from the classroom to travel from Queens to Washington, DC, to join many tens of thousands of people in the March for Israel on the Washington Mall. The March was a unique opportunity to express fervent support and solidarity for Israel in a time of war, and to demand the release of hostages held by Hamas. It was also a chance for students to learn a real-time lesson in civic engagement and duty.

Accompanied by Central faculty, the students loaded coach buses and made the trek to the Capitol. “Joining the Yeshiva University delegation of 2,500 students and faculty members at the March For Israel in Washington, DC, was an unforgettable experience of unity, community, and Israel activism,” said Central’s Associate Principal, Ms. Leah Moskovich. “I am so proud of the Central students who joined us. They were respectful, polite, spirited, and united. They truly made a huge kiddush Hashem at the rally, and I know this day will stay with them for a lifetime.”

Central students got to hear from public figures as varied as Israeli President Isaac Herzog, who spoke via video from the Western Wall, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “I liked seeing everyone standing in unity with signs, chanting “Bring them home” – it felt very empowering,” said junior Sharona Rouhani.

Students and faculty alike were struck by the experience of bonding with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life who share one thing in common: They stand with Israel, and against anti-Semitism in all its forms. “It was incredible to see so many people supporting Israel, and to see people who weren’t Jewish there supporting us,” said senior Gabi Zahavi. “It was important to represent our country and to show our brothers and sisters in Israel that we’re thinking about them – that life here isn’t just going on as usual.”

Central traveled to the rally in conjunction with Yeshiva University, further demonstrating the partnership between Central and the University. “We are so proud to be part of this special YU family, and we thank them for spearheading this incredible mission,” Ms. Moskovich said.