This past Sunday, HALB sixth grade girls celebrated the milestone of becoming b’nos mitzvah with their parents and teachers. The program began with Rabbi Fogel, Middle School Principal of Limudei Kodesh, running a workshop on T’filah. Then they enjoyed a delicious breakfast, while hearing powerful words of Torah from HALB’s Head of School, Rabbi Englander, as well as from some of the b’nos mitzvah.

Drawing on the theme of “Women in Tanach,” guests were also able to peruse the girls’ projects, which displayed 11 inspirational women from Tanach. Moving to the stage, our students sang of the painful tribulations that these women faced, and how they came away with the message that “through all that pain, you start to grow.”

In groups, the sixth grade girls then presented slides about the women whom they had respectively researched, all of whom serve as role models to our students. Our new generation of nashim tzidkaniyos (righteous women) is already off to an impressive start!