It’s all hands on deck when eighth graders make their annual campus visit to Central. Faculty, administration, and current student ambassadors work together to welcome prospective students and put our (collective) best foot forward.

The last round of interviews took place this past week, with a promising group of approximately 80 eighth graders visiting Central. “It was so much fun to see all their smiling faces,” said Director of Technology, Mrs. Marci Karroll, who took badge photos of all visiting students. “It was also really cool to see the siblings of current Central students.”

Visits enabled the eighth graders to get a full sampling of the Central experience, complete with interviews and visits to two classes, ranging from History to Chumash. Eighth graders were just as likely to learn about the transcendentalists in American Literature as they were to study the animal kingdom in Biology. Perhaps most importantly, visitors were able to talk with current Central students, known as student ambassadors, about life in and out of the classroom. Ambassadors held question-and-answer sessions during lunch and escorted the visiting students to and from classes.

“It’s an immense privilege to be able to be a student ambassador, because the ambassadors whom I met on my visit day when I was in eighth grade had such an impact on my high school decision,” said junior Tiferet Tuchman. “During our FAQ, it was truly evident that the ambassadors feel a deep connection to Central, and I think that was communicated to the eighth graders, as well. I really love Central, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to show these students what Central is all about.”