More than 500 talmidim, rebbeim, parents, grandparents, YU Roshei Yeshiva, and friends joined MTA on Tuesday, June 4, for its Yeshiva-Wide S’udas Preidah and Siyum, celebrating the Torah learning accomplishments of all talmidim and the culmination of its Annual Scholarship Campaign.

The evening began with a very special hachnasas sefer Torah, dedicated in memory of Al Burger, a”h. The donor family, along with MTA talmidim and rebbeim, joined together to complete the Torah prior to the start of the s’udas preidah and siyum. Then, they joyously welcomed the Torah to the MTA family, as they sang and danced it into the aron. “The s’udas preidah is a celebration, a dedication, and a culmination. It is a celebration of the impressive Torah learning accomplishments of each of our talmidim. It is a dedication of a new sefer Torah and the culmination of a very successful scholarship campaign,” said Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “The event highlights why our scholarship campaign is so critical. Seeing the celebration of 300 talmidim who have worked hard throughout the year to grow in their Torah learning, along with their parents, grandparents, Roshei Yeshiva, elementary school rebbeim, and administrators, is a powerful reminder of why it is so important to provide every talmid with an MTA education regardless of their family’s financial ability.”

The evening was a true celebration of both Torah learning and the entire educational experience. More than 500 donors participated in the scholarship campaign, which raised over $600,000, highlighting the importance of supporting Jewish education. “I am passionate about supporting our scholarship campaign because every child is entitled to a Jewish education,” said Campaign Co-Chair Mordy Rothberg. “With the help of our dedicated Scholarship Campaign Committee, as well as MTA’s leadership, faculty, and student body, we are able to ensure that the exceptional educational experience provided by MTA is accessible to everyone.”

The Yeshiva-Wide S’udas Preidah and Siyum was a fitting way to celebrate the success of the scholarship campaign, as the event itself demonstrated the tremendous impact of a Jewish education. Talmidim Shlomo Fink (’22) and Tzvi Zigelstein (’20) made siyumim on Maseches Bava Kama and Maseches Megillah respectively, on behalf of the 100 talmidim who completed the masechtos. The event featured remarks from Rabbi Kahn as well as divrei brachah from Yeshiva University President Dr. Ari Berman (’87), and a d’var Torah by Yochanan Zupnick (’19). Attendees were also privileged to hear divrei Torah from RIETS Rosh HaYeshiva Rav Hershel Schachter (’58) shlita, whom many MTA talmidim have the unique opportunity to learn with on a weekly basis as part of the Yeshiva Fellowship program.