The students of IVDU Long Island were privileged to meet and hear from the well-known and prolific author Meish Goldish. Goldish has authored hundreds of fiction and nonfiction children’s books, as well as poems for children.

Meish Goldish entertained and engaged the students with a read-aloud of two of his engaging books. The students were also treated to spirited singing, with the musical accompaniment of his guitar. The IVDU students were excited to meet a real author, and actively participated during the book readings. They learned the words to the educational and humorous songs and enjoyed singing along.

IVDU thanks Meish Goldish for giving of his time to visit the students of IVDU Long Island, where learning comes alive every day. The author visit was part of the End of Year literacy celebration at IVDU. The celebration will culminate in interactive parent events, including a publishing party and a student performance.