Mrs. Rivky Babad, the elementary school assistant principal, explained, “We strive to provide a rigorous and exciting academic education. Alongside the academics, we also put a strong emphasis on midos tovos and personal growth. These lessons are interwoven throughout the academic curriculum, through lessons from Chumash, Parshah, and Yahadus, and stories and other activities in the limudei chol department, as well.”

Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum remarked, “The students also learn by having great role models: their teachers and everyone they interact with in the building.”

Mrs. Babad added, “Children today are bombarded with so many outside messages that are contradictory to Jewish values. Society at large has all but left mentchlichkeit behind in the dust. It is imperative that we give our children an extra push of support in their midos tovos.”

To that end, Bnos Malka is beginning a program for grades 1-4 called Be A Mentch (BAM), which will focus on different aspects of being a mentch. Every few weeks, students will be introduced to a new theme that we will all be working on collectively.

With posters and signs in hallways and classrooms to remind students, they will be reminded throughout the day. Each will receive a “charm necklace” and will receive a hole punch for every time an adult in the building sees her practicing the weekly skill. After five hole-punches, she can trade in for a prize and continue accruing more hole-punches.

Mrs. Babad finished by saying, “I look forward to watching our children grow into wonderful b’nos Yisrael with exemplary midos.”