On Monday, May 20, the Bnos Malka Academy hosted their annual Michael & Irina Kimyagarov Math Tournament for grades 7 and 8. The girls competed individually and as teams, solving complex math problems. After each round, the girls had an opportunity to share their responses and solve some of the work together, with the facilitator, Mrs. Irina Kimyagarov. All schools went home with trophies, celebrating their successes. Congratulations to all of the girls on a job well done! 

Winners of the Team Competitions:

1st Place: HALB

2nd Place: Shulamith

3rd Place: Bnos Malka Academy


Winners of the Individual Competitions

1st place:

Elizabeth Naiman (HALB)

Leah Aronov (Bnos Malka Academy)

Kira Klayman (HALB)


2nd Place:

Miriam Schreier (Shulamith)

Elisheva Kalitizadeh (Bnos Malka Academy)

Shira Ellenberg ( HALB)

Michal Shlomo (Bnos Malka Academy)

Daniella Weingarten (HALB)

Hodaya Zerbib (Bnos Malka Academy)

Kayla Wang (HALB)