On Tuesday, November 2, Grade 8 boys of the Yeshiva of Central Queens were treated to a trip to Ellis Island and the 9/11 Memorial. On Wednesday, November 3, YCQ Grade 8 girls followed the same itinerary.

The two classes both took the ferry to Ellis Island. On the way, students were able to see the Statue of Liberty. Once on Ellis Island, they explored the Immigration Site. Grade 8 saw the process of the immigration on Ellis Island. They looked at the panels that contained the names of the immigrants that passed through on their way into the country to start their new lives. A few found their relatives’ names on these panels.

Afterwards, the students visited the 9/11 Memorial. They visited the footprints of the Twin Towers and read some of the panels listing those who perished on that day. The rushing water of the reflecting pools was very meaningful. It was truly powerful to commemorate what happened there just over 20 years ago.