On Sunday, November 7, parents and staff from Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion joined together at Beth Gavriel of Valley Stream to celebrate the Hatchalat Gemara of the 6th Grade Boys. The event was attended by over 250 participants including many renowned rabbanim and notable educators. The program opened with a series of moving tunes practiced and sung by the boys. Rabbi Ephraim Ben Mordechai, Menahel, spoke about the important milestone, highlighting the significance of this new chapter in the boys’ lives. Rabbi Tuvia Lief spoke about the importance of Yegiat Ha’Torah and Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz spoke about the tangible effect that learning Torah has on our lives. The boys were then each presented with a Gemara of their own, personalized with their name engraved in gold. They commenced their learning of Gemara right then and there, amidst a pride-filled crowd, as they learned the first Mishna of Eilu Metziot with their rebbi, Rabbi Wyszkowski.  The event concluded with spirited dancing. It was truly a night to remember.