The Kanfei Yud Beis Bas Mitzvah Program culminated with a meaningful and fun evening celebration for the 6th graders. Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, addressed the girls, encouraging them to look back and see how far they have come this year. She emphasized the need to use their expanded understanding of the various relationships in their lives to become empowered in this new stage as a Bas Mitzvah. Mrs. Jurkowitz quoted Rav Wosner as she beseeched the girls to start davening already now to build a future bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel, because their tefllos and mitzvos are so precious to Hashem.

Following, Mrs. Yocheved Deitsch and Chaya Estee Deitsch reviewed some highlights from their “relationships as a bas mitzvah” workshops. From the girls’ enthusiastic responses, it was obvious that they had gained and grown through this experience.

Pesha Sara Ackerman, Malkie Kaminetzky, and Batsheva Baalhaness shared their thoughts and offered thanks for the bas mitzvah program. Batsheva’s soul-stirring song, which she composed and sang so sweetly for the audience, was moving and impressive.

Following the Kanfei theme song and video presentation, the girls were treated to Sisters B’Simcha! The excitement and achdus was palpable, as the girls danced together and were pumped with the fast-paced energy of the Sisters B’Simcha crew.

The girls were treated to sushi, salad, and ice cream at this beautifully-decorated event. Each student received a personalized large bookmark, displaying the posuk that correlates to her Hebrew name, as well as a necklace of birds perched on a branch, as a memory of the “kanfei” theme.

After a difficult year of masks and social distancing, the evening was a welcome respite and a well-deserved celebration. We look forward to continued nachas as the girls take their place as bnos Yisroel and nishei chayil!