HALB Lev Chana’s second floor was transformed this week as our Kindergarten children and moros donned blue and white to prepare for Yom HaAtzmaut. Imagination and creativity flourished as our children were completely engaged in designing and constructing five different places in Eretz Yisrael: Ben Gurion Airport, a kibbutz, Yerushalayim, Tzfat, and Eilat. Our Nursery and Kindergarten tourists had their passports stamped in the airport as our classes started their tours of Eretz Yisrael at scheduled times.

They milked a cow on the kibbutz while admiring the puzzle cows, cotton ball sheep and chicks, and delicious-looking produce. Onward to Yerushalayim where our children davened at the glowing 3-D Kotel and added their kvitlach, either written or drawn, to the magnificent wall. They admired the huge replica of the Menoras HaZahav behind “glass” and the shiny Hazorfim silver.

All our children had the opportunity to hang their one-of-a-kind artistic creations on the walls of Tzfat as they walked through the cobblestone streets. Finally, in Eilat, our children fished for delicious sight word fish and wore colorful sunglasses against the glaring sun. Groups of children sang to the music of Gary Wallin in the SKA gym.

Our children also enjoyed a blue and white treat from our PTA! A celebratory time was had by all! Happy Birthday to Medinat Yisrael!