The students and staff at IVDU LI hosted their very own model matzah bakery, with the students involved in every step of the process. In conjunction with their life-skills curriculum, the oldest class, led by Mrs. Leah Rivka Karr, helped plan and set up the matzah bakery for all of the IVDU LI students.

From aprons and hats to rolling pins and hole-makers, the bakery was fully equipped to bake homemade matzah. Using their executive functioning skills to determine the best way to organize themselves, their materials, and their work space, the boys helped demonstrate the process for the younger students and assisted them in making their own matzos, as well. Everyone enjoyed the process, from mixing the flour and water and rolling the dough, to making the holes with special tools and transferring to the special matzah oven.

The students are now ready to enjoy Pesach in their own homes where they will share their knowledge of matzah and its significance with their families, and impart the many Seder lessons they have learned.