Chanukah is always filled with excitement and fun at Ezra Academy, and this year was going to be no different. They hit the ground running as the grades were separated into different large rooms for their traditional “class combat” – a grade vs. grade competition. To get everyone in the right mindset, the school surprised all the students with t-shirts. Each grade wore a different color to help get their team spirit going. Following this, the games got underway. Each grade was given Chanukah-related activities, each of which needed to be submitted with video proof of their completed challenges. In addition, each team needed to create a Chanukah banner using specific and random items accompanied by a d’var Torah. The ninth grade came in second place for their amazing achdus, and the winning team was the tenth grade. Both grades will be awarded their prizes following Chanukah.

On Monday, the fun continued with a school-wide s’udah. A close friend of Ezra Academy, Danny Gazal, sponsored this s’udah as an annual tradition. It is done as a s’udas hodaah for a personal miracle his family experienced many years ago. He shared the story of this miracle and spoke about how Hashem is in our lives even in the most difficult of times. This was followed by a special musical performance by Rabbi Diamond – a highlight that the students look forward to as he shares the meaning of Chanukah in an original rap. The day’s festivities were concluded with a raffle with prizes sponsored by Ezra Alumni.

Tuesday morning was host to the annual Chanukah game show, with an array of questions relating to school history, this year’s theme and activities, and obviously Chanukah. Using, the students remained in their seats as the game show was broadcast over the school loudspeaker. Fixed intermissions with Chanukah songs and doughnut deliveries broke up the fierce competition. Congratulations to Liam Benlul, Oriah Azulay, and Lorena Khaimov on finishing the top three students.