Ezra Academy students have become very aware of the importance of Rosh Chodesh and are cognizant of when each month’s Rosh Chodesh falls out on the calendar. This is due to the exciting and creative schoolwide breakfasts that are held. Each year, a unique and fun theme are chosen from the onset. This year, the theme is “Games.” In addition to that, each month carries a specific aspect of that theme. That idea then gets tied into the breakfast with decorations, the food, divrei Torah, and oftentimes carefully chosen songs. COVID-19 has made those breakfasts impossible to run. However, that was not going to stop the highlight of every month. The program would just need to be tweaked.

Last month, Cheshvan, the challenge of the Rosh Chodesh breakfast was even more difficult, as we were learning on Zoom for two weeks following Sukkos vacation. The theme for the month was Twister, which was appropriate as some of the staff twisted and turned up and down the streets of Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn, delivering Rosh Chodesh packages. Each introduced the month’s theme and contained both a light breakfast and meaningful message.

This month, Kislev, the challenge was a little different. Each class needed to stay within their class, as opposed to all gathering together. Each classroom was given a different theme, somehow connected to the number eight, both because of Chanukah (eight nights) and the monthly game (Crazy Eights). One room was traffic signs (a stop sign has eight sides), another was “It’s a boy” (bris milah is usually on the eighth day) and other similar ideas. Each class was provided with a few related decorations and then encouraged to bring in more of their own to enhance their rooms. The rooms were judged by the school’s administration. Rabbi Diamond’s class, Dalet Boys, won first place, earning them a complimentary breakfast at a later time. Their theme was Barbecue (because hot dog and hamburger buns are often sold in packs of eight… yep) and they went all out, including grills and (toy) barbecue food. In the second place room, Morah Sarah’s room, with the theme of Under the Sea (try to figure this one out on your own) had the best dvar Torah written and delivered by Michelle Simkin.

The students are eagerly anticipating the creative breakfast and theme that will be coming up for Teves.