On Monday, November 11, Shevach High School introduced its yearly Mishmeres initiative with a “bang.” The school’s entire Multi-Purpose Room was transformed into an army base, reflecting this year’s theme of “Combat Your Speech.” Tanks, soldiers, and many other army-related items decked the walls of the MPR, including quotes such as “Our Speech is a Weapon” and “Surrender Your Negative Words.”

After watching a video on the power of speech, delivered by sought-after speaker and founder of The Shmuz, Rabbi Bentzion Shafier, the Mishmeres heads (Chana Shira Haim, Simi Schwartz, and Rina Steinberg), under the guidance of Mrs. Sarah Davidson, presented their original song. The entire school joined in the singing and dancing, creating an exciting atmosphere.

The Mishmeres heads then very creatively introduced this month’s theme of “Seal Your Lips,” connecting it to the well-known and respected Navy Seals. The girls were encouraged to focus on “sealing” their lips and refraining from saying anything that may cause harm to others, corresponding to their theme of fighting negativity.

As a culmination of this special event, the Mishmeres heads handed out containers of lip balm imprinted with their “Combat Your Speech” logo. Every time a student uses the lip balm, she will be reminded to seal her lips and refrain from speaking negatively.

Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz, Shevach High School Principal, along with the rest of the Shevach staff, agreed that the breakout was very impacting, and look forward to a year of growth, positivity, and inspiration, in this important mitzvah of Sh’miras HaLashon.