The March for Israel rally in Washington, DC, will be remembered as an indelible moment for this generation. On a day when the collective voices of 300,000 participants resonated in solidarity with Israel, the individual experiences also made it unforgettable. Emet Outreach was proud to send a full bus from Queens to join in this historic initiative. Along with Emet’s Co-Founders Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg and Rabbi Mordechai Kraft, over 50 educators, alumni, and students shared the journey. Mrs. Rivka Muskat, Emet Associate Director, explained, “Traveling with Emet to the rally was so uplifting. From the heartfelt t’filah on the bus, to the spirited walk to the Metro station, to the surging crowds from all over on the Metro, to the unprecedented unity at the rally itself – it gave us all so much faith in the power of am Yisrael.”

The Emet delegation, like thousands of other groups, showed that every individual Jewish voice matters in the fight against anti-Semitism. Here are some additional personal perspectives on what made the day meaningful:

Mayya Yagudayeva – “My experience going to the rally was amazing! I felt such a huge k’dushah on the bus when the men davened Shacharis in the morning. After that, we had a wonderful train ride to the rally. I felt united with my brothers and sisters singing songs, and I’ll always remember it. When I saw thousands of people at the rally, I said to myself, I am so blessed to be a Jew! I felt the warmth, unity, and joy. I loved the experience.”

Roman Mavashev – “Attending the DC March for Israel rally with Emet was a momentous, inspiring, and powerful occasion. It felt great to be surrounded by brothers and sisters from the United States and around the world to show solidarity and support for Israel and Jewish lives. From the early meet up at the Emet office, to the bus and Metro ride, to the singing and praying at the rally, it was an exhibition of love, peace, and unbroken support and strength. We showed the world that we are not a community of individuals, we are individuals of the community. Am Yisrael Chai!

Benjamin Kaziyev – “It was very meaningful to be there, and I’m glad we went with Emet. Even though we were there for a tragic reason, it was inspiring to see so many Jewish people and allies come to support our homeland. We see all these terrifying pro-Palestinian rallies from around the world. We are showing them that they cannot silence us. It is not 1943, it is 2023. Never again means never again.”

Natalie Babalashvili – “I felt a wave of emotion and the unity of the Jewish nation from the moment I stepped into the rally. It was incredible to hear hundreds and thousands of people roar for Israel in unison after every speech. The recital of Israel’s national anthem was also deeply moving in memory of loved ones who have passed and the soldiers who are fighting for peace. All in all, I’m so glad to have been part of this moment in America in honor of Israel.”

Emet continues to support Israel on a daily basis by dedicating all Torah learning in the merit of the safety of the soldiers and hostages.