Chazaq’s work with public school students is known for its fun and educational programs for boys and girls from pre-1A through 12th grade.

Recently, Chazaq hosted a heartwarming Parent-Child Paint Event for their Shaping Lives children’s programs. With over 17 locations throughout the New York area and beyond, the Chazaq Shaping Lives programs continue to foster connection and education within the community.

The special paint event brought parents and children together for a time of creativity, bonding, and learning. Families connected on a deeper level as they heard divrei Torah (words of Torah), delved into various Jewish concepts, and expressed their artistic talents through painting, all in honor of the State of Israel.

The Shaping Lives Program has become a cornerstone of Chazaq’s educational initiatives, offering engaging and meaningful experiences for children. This unique program not only imparts knowledge but also emphasizes the importance of family involvement in a child’s education.

As the Shaping Lives division continues to thrive across various locations, Chazaq remains committed to creating opportunities that strengthen family bonds, deepen Jewish knowledge, and inspire a love for learning.

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