Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal, representative from Queens, has been appointed by the UJA-Federation of New York to a top position.  Rosenthal, 32, will be the organization’s vice president of government relations, succeeding Louisa Chafee.  

The UJA Federation of New York traces its roots back to the early 20th century when a group of visionary Jewish leaders recognized the need for a unified organization to address the growing challenges faced by Jewish immigrants in New York. In 1917, the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York was established, marking the birth of what would become the UJA Federation of New York.

Throughout the following decades, the Federation expanded its reach and impact. It provided essential services to Jewish immigrants, including assistance with housing, education, and healthcare. As the Jewish community grew in New York, so did the Federation’s responsibilities. It collaborated with local government agencies to improve living conditions, combat poverty, and promote social integration.

The UJA Federation of New York’s relationship with the government has been characterized by collaboration and advocacy. Recognizing the importance of government support in achieving its goals, the Federation actively engaged with local, state, and federal authorities to secure funding for programs and initiatives benefiting the Jewish community.

One of the core functions of the UJA Federation of New York has been to provide a wide range of social services and welfare programs. It has worked closely with government agencies to address issues such as affordable housing, job training, healthcare, and elder care. Through partnerships and funding collaborations, the Federation has been able to leverage governmental resources to maximize its impact.

The UJA Federation of New York has been an influential advocate for Jewish causes and concerns in the realm of public policy. It has actively engaged with government officials, lobbying for legislation that supports the rights and well-being of the Jewish community. The Federation’s advocacy efforts have covered areas such as combating anti-Semitism, and promoting religious freedom. It also assists in connecting Jewish organizations with publicly available funds.  Last year, the UJA Federation was instrumental in helping Jewish schools in the region access millions of dollars in public funding.

“Government relations is an essential component of our community building,” said Eric Goldstein, UJA Federation CEO. Rosenthal and his team, he continued, “will provide the leadership and expertise to meet the moment and shape our future in the most positive way.”

Daniel Rosenthal’s political journey began in 2017 when he was elected to represent the 27th Assembly District in Queens. At a young age, Rosenthal demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his community, advocating for issues that mattered most to his constituents. With his energetic and determined spirit, he swiftly made his mark in the Assembly.

During his tenure, Rosenthal focused on legislative issues to enhance the well-being of his constituents. He introduced bills based on suggestions from residents and prioritized worker rights, healthcare accessibility, and affordability.

In June 2018, Rosenthal successfully passed a bill directing the MTA Long Island Railroad to conduct a feasibility study on rehabilitating the Lefferts Boulevard bridge in Kew Gardens. The neglected bridge was restored, preserving the neighborhood’s architectural integrity and securing the future of local businesses.

In June 2019, Rosenthal passed legislation requiring pharmacies to notify patients of hazardous drug recalls within three days, ensuring New Yorkers are protected from potentially harmful medications.

Rosenthal also co-sponsored the Religious Protection Act, which prevents employment discrimination based on religious attire, clothing, or facial hair. To support Holocaust survivors, Rosenthal secured $250,000 in funding for services and programming. Additionally, he has secured millions of dollars in funding for local schools, libraries, social services agencies, and municipal services.

In terms of committee membership, Rosenthal serves as Chair of the Subcommittee on Intergenerational Care and is a member of the Committees on Aging, Insurance, Labor, Real Property Taxation, and Social Services.

Rosenthal departed from his Jewish colleagues when he was the only religious Jewish member of the Assembly to publicly endorse Kathy Hochul for Governor during a competitive race with Lee Zeldin.  This was a politically dangerous move for Rosenthal, as Zeldin carried Rosenthal’s assembly district by over 3,000 votes.  

The timing of Rosenthal’s departure from the Assembly and his replacement for the soon-to-be-vacant seat is currently unknown.  

By QJL Staff

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