The Chazaq Shaping Lives program held some very successful programming preparing children for the upcoming Passover holiday across their 15 locations. 

The program’s special Bedikat Chametz project, which involved decorating bags to collect chametz in, was a particular highlight.

Throughout the classes, children learned about the history and significance of Passover, the traditional foods eaten during the holiday, and how to prepare for the Seder meal. In addition to the Bedikat Chametz project, the children also participated in fun and engaging activities, such as learning how to recite the four questions of “Mah Nishtanah.” 

Chazaq’s Shaping Lives program is committed to providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment for children to learn about Jewish culture and traditions. The program has been growing steadily in recent years with hundreds of children in attendance, with more and more families joining each week. The success of this year’s Passover preparation classes is a testament to the program’s dedication to fostering a love and understanding of Jewish tradition in young children.

Shaping Lives is excited to announce their plan to expand its program to more locations in the coming year. The program’s leadership is dedicated to providing high-quality Jewish education to as many families as possible and is actively seeking partnerships with community organizations and other groups to help achieve this goal.

For more information about “Shaping Lives” and its upcoming programs, please reach out to Danny at 917-705-1818.