Joint Day of Learning Fosters Lasting Memories and Impact

This Presidents Day, Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS) hosted an exciting day of learning for the YU community with the Dor L’Dor Yeshiva Learning Program. The program was designed to provide parents with the opportunity to participate in their child’s morning seder and shiurim across all four UTS programs and access the high level of Torah learning which their son’s commit themselves to throughout the year.

YU’s batei midrash were packed with close to 200 participants, including 12 grandfathers and a number of “three-generation” families present. Participants joined from the tri-state area, as well as from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Providence, Florida, Detroit, Houston, St. Louis, California, Toronto, and even two families from Europe.

Fathers, grandfathers, and sons came together to experience the energy of the Yeshiva’s various batei midrash, hear shiurim from renowned YU rabbis, and participate in lively Q&A sessions with Rabbi Mordechai Willig on the topic of chinuch. Conversely, students were able to share with their parents and grandparents the meaningful lessons of their limudei kodesh studies and encourage the longstanding intergenerational impact of joint torah study between family members.

Rabbi Dr. Yosef Kalinsky, YU’s Dean of Men’s Undergraduate Torah Studies, reflected on the success of the event, “The Dor L’Dor Yeshiva Learning Program illustrated the very best of YU’s yeshiva community and personified the value of our mesorah, expressing the vital role of Torah study in the great chain that links us back to Har Sinai.”

“We hope to bring this program back next year and continue to provide similar opportunities to bring fathers back to campus and enjoy what we do best here, day in and day out” Kalinsky continued.

Rabbi Herschel Hartz, UTS Program Administrator at YU shared “The beauty of this event is that it provided an undiluted window into the high-quality and passion filled shiurim which our students devote their energies toward on a daily basis. Like a typical day of learning, students and parents engaged in a wide array of subjects ranging from Gemara, Halacha, Mussar, and practical topics that help steer a Torah valued life. This event undoubtedly reinforced the important mission of our Undergraduate Torah Studies Programs and hopefully sparked a lasting connection for child parent learning for those in attendance.”