Assemblymember Daniel Rosenthal has secured new parking signage for the attendees of Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, ensuring that congregants are able to attend morning prayer services.

Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, located on 150th Street, typically ends morning prayers shortly after 7 a.m. This posed an issue for congregants who parked in the area, as school zone ‘No Standing’ signs began at 7 a.m. due to its proximity to P.S. 165Q. Many worshippers had to leave early or incur repeated parking violations.

Rosenthal brought this issue to the attention of the New York City Department of Transportation. After repeated advocacy and outreach, the department finally agreed to extend the parking hours to 7:30 a.m., allowing congregants to complete service without interruption.

“After years of advocating for this change, I am glad to see that the Department of Transportation was able to see how a small change could bring significant relief to the community. I was happy to collaborate with Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills and P.S. 165Q to bring a reasonable change that is to the betterment of our community.”