Our Sages teach us (Bava Basra 14b) that King David wrote the Psalms (T’hilim) based on his own experiences, along with the contributions of other great Jewish figures. While the Book of T’hilim was composed mainly by King David, the Gemara (Bava Basra 14b) enumerates ten authors who composed psalms other than King David. The Gemara speaks of these men as “Asarah Z’keinim,” ten Elders, great scholars endowed with profound wisdom and prophetic insight, which enabled them to compose such a sacred text. Psalm 139 was attributed to Adam HaRishon. Another psalm was composed by King Malki-Tzedek. Psalm 89 is attributed to Avraham Avinu. There are 11 hymns composed by Moshe Rabbeinu. There are several chants composed by the Leviim who officiated as singers in the Beis HaMikdash.

For centuries, Jews have turned to T’hilim to give voice to their deepest feelings, both in times of great trouble and of great happiness. T’hilim can unlock our hearts and draw us up towards their exalted greatness.

The Tzemach Tzedek, the third Lubavitcher Rebbe, says: “If you only knew the power that lies in the verses of T’hilim and their effect in the celestial heights, you would recite them all the time. Know that the chapters of T’hilim break through all barriers and soar aloft from level to level, unimpeded. They intercede before the Master of the Universe and secure their effect with kindness and mercy.”


List of People Who Need a r’fuah sh’leimah (a complete recovery)

Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.

Yisrael ben Raizel Shoshanah Miriam

Eliyahu ben Rachel

Robert ben Mazal

Yosef Yehudah ben Devorah

David ben Maya

Yosef Meir ben Malkah Charna

Amir ben Azar Avivah

Binyamin Nesanel ben Brachah Tovah

Eliyahu ben Zoya

Eliyahu ben Sophie

Lavi Rafael ben Olga

Moshe Reuven ben Sima Taybela

Shalom Reuven ben Shima

Shia Hersh ben Surel

Baruch Bendit ben Chanah Gitel

Chai Yitzchak ben Esther Rivkah

Moshe Reuven ben Sima Taybela

Yosef Gideon Yaakov ben Peninah

Rafael ben Sonyah Sarah

Tinok ben Shiran

Alexander ben Shoshanah

Leah bas Michal

Chayah Esther bas Barba

Esther bas Rachel

Tovah Yocheved bas Esther Bukas

Ruchamah Perel Malkah Leah bas Chanah Serel

Esther Hadassah bas Devorah

Tziporah bas Fruma

Behnaz Chayah bas Yafah

Chayah Rivkah bas Yocheved Kayla

Beindel Frimet bas Rachel Miriam

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