Undergraduate enrollment is set to rise significantly at Yeshiva University in Fall 2022, with new student numbers expected to grow over 10 percent from 2021.

Students across the world are increasingly drawn to YU thanks to its world-renowned Torah faculty; top-tier, highly ranked academics; enriching Jewish student life; and the Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development and extensive alumni network, which ensure great jobs and impactful careers throughout every student’s life.

“The value of a YU education continues to rise on many levels, from academic accomplishment and career success to spiritual growth and lifelong friends and connections,” said YU President Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman. “Parents and students are recognizing this — this is what makes us the world’s flagship Jewish university, and it is the very reason students are increasingly attracted to YU in record numbers.”

YU is consistently recognized as a top-tier academic institution, a status that is showcased in its dramatic rise in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges ranking, which is up 29 spots in the last two years, from 97 to 68. Once on campus, students can take up a rigorous course of study in a wide range of fields, from delving into the Torah and other key texts of Judaism to exploring cutting-edge research in business, entrepreneurship, psychology, pre-medicine, cybersecurity, history and much more. For example, Yeshiva University’s BS in Computer Science features an innovative curriculum that is tailormade for students to step out of the program and walk into top-shelf jobs at Google, Apple, Meta and other employers in the New Economy. YU continues to create dynamic new programs, including dual degree opportunities in Israel, programs with internships at real-world companies and a growing number of minors, to help students find the academic course of study that is right for them.

Thanks to the continued success of the Rise Up Campaign, YU has also been able to increase its scholarship programs to ensure greater affordability to its growing student body. Both in value and values, YU presents a priceless educational opportunity that is driving more and more students to make YU their home.

Central to YU’s stellar student undergraduate experience is the exposure to great Torah faculty. Yeshiva University is the proud home of world-class Roshei Yeshiva, Poskim and Torah educators who regularly interact with and teach undergrads. The depth and breadth of YU’s Torah faculty is unrivaled; whatever the student’s level of study or area of Judaic interest, there is a warm and caring teacher ready to provide individual attention. This is important for all students but especially for those returning from intensive Torah study in Israel. YU provides them with unique learning and growth opportunities so they can continue to progress in their religious studies and Jewish lives. 

Warm, welcoming, diverse and inclusive, YU also has an enriching student life that gives students a close-knit sense of community. Over 150 student-run organizations and clubs allow students to get involved in politics, Holocaust education, journalism, medical ethics, music, the arts and many other extra-curricular activities. Holiday events and Shabbat programming bring hundreds of students together in an inspirational community setting of shared values as they enjoy great food, thought-provoking speakers, profound discussions and new friends, while creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

YU’s support network ensures that students are put on the path to finding great jobs and impactful careers. Thanks to a recent $10 million donation, the Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development offers an extensive range of resources from personalized counseling and career planning to workshops, networking events and top-tier internships, while the active YU alumni network of over 70,000 keeps YU students connected. 

New initiatives, like Connections and Partnership for Success (CAPS) Career Advising, connects students with curated career resources, a career advisor, and alumni specifically aligned with their area of interest, while Career Roadmaps provide detailed checklists of actions for students to take each year at YU to optimize career success. Over 95 percent of YU students are employed, in grad school or both within six months of graduation. Graduates are placed in world-class companies, including Amazon, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Google.  

A YU education opens these doors to success, while helping students ground their study in Core Torah Values and become intellectually curious innovators — deeply rooted in a 3,000-year-old heritage infused with meaning — who are changing the world for the better. The value of a YU education has never been clearer, and a record number of new students are poised to discover what makes YU the flagship Jewish university.