This coming Presidents’ Day weekend, the Young Israel of Holliswood will continue their Holiday Breakfast Lecture Series.

The shul’s rav, Rabbi Moshe Taub, has spoken already regarding topics ranging from Houdini and Halachah to Woman’s Suffrage in Halachah and History, as well as such eclectic subjects such as Sexual Abuse, Ribbis, and Shabbos Timers.

For this Presidents’ Day, on Monday, February 21, at 9:30 a.m., the chosen topic will be one on many people’s minds, especially with COVID: “Dina D’Malchusa Dina: What, When, How, Where.” The issues to be discussed are vast. Is breaking a speed limit a violation of halachah? Is manipulating income or taxes a violation of biblical law? And much more.

Rabbi Taub’s style is unique, with a complete layout of the development of each halachah under discussion, stories, history, and modern-day application. There is always time reserved for a Q & A when the shiur is complete.

 These holiday shiurim are free to the public, with bagels and coffee served. It will be held at the Young Israel of Holliswood, 8625 Francis Lewis Blvd. Live Zoom will also be available.

“These ‘holiday’ shiurim had been paused due to the virus, and now they are back,” an excited Rabbi Taub shared. “It is a great opportunity to discuss deeper topics that are already on people’s minds. We can delve into them in a mature manner. When people are relaxed, due to no work and no Yom Tov prep, we can all focus better, making such mornings a unique time for in-depth and fun Torah study.”

When asked why he chose this particular topic, he explained, “Well, we try to choose subjects about which everyone is aware but few delve into. I always enjoy the ‘imponderables’ and the ‘misunderstood’ subjects. A little knowledge is always dangerous. Dina D’Malchusa is so often brought up in conversation without a complete understanding. Our goal is never to take sides in particular issues of the day, but to give people from across the spectrum a fuller understanding of a term they so often utilize. It has been the same with our other past chosen topics.”

Of course, the main goal of this series is not the topic. “The most important facet is the learning of Torah. A free day from work should be spent relaxing, of course, but part of it must be reserved for Torah. This has always been the focus at YIH,” said Taub.

All COVID rules will be kept inside the building, and seats will be kept feet apart.