Khal Degel Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, under the leadership of its mara d’asra, Rav Dovid Z. Sheinfeld, continued its tradition of hosting Avos U’Banim during the long Motza’ei Shabbos evenings. Elementary-aged boys join their fathers, and even grandfathers, for family-style learning; delicious pizza and raffle tickets are also on hand throughout the hour-long program. The evening concludes with words of chizuk and storytelling by program coordinator Rabbi Aryeh Rabinowitz. The stories are designed to share an inspiration message often of the power of tzadikim and the beauty of the mitzvah of chesed. Afterwards, Mr. Jeremy Lieberman conducts a raffle with amazing prizes. Avos U’Banim continues each Motza’ei Shabbos in the shul’s lower beis hamedrash, 144-02 68th Dr., (enter from Main Street).

By Shabsie Saphirstein