Dear Friends,

Chickens For Shabbos (CFS) has become a legendary tzedakah originating right here in Kew Gardens Hills. Since its inception roughly 17 years ago, this charity has raised millions of dollars. Through the cooperation of Yad Eliezer in Israel, and other very reputable organizations in Queens, CFS has been instrumental in providing sustenance for a whole host of needy people.

In Israel the focus is on grushos (divorcées), agunos (wives of recalcitrant husbands), and families who might otherwise have no financial hope. In the United States, the list also includes mechanchim (educators) who work tirelessly, but often are not able to properly support their families. CFS helps these individuals with food vouchers, direct payments, and clothing.

You may have read about the incredible clothing distribution for these educators held in shuls in Queens, that CFS held in cooperation with the Chazaq Organization.

The beauty of this tzedakah is that there is zero overhead. Every dollar donated goes directly to those in need – we are talking about many thousands of dollars per month.

My father zt”l was one of the earliest supporting founders of this charity. It is fair to say that without his involvement and the support of the staff of Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Chickens For Shabbos would not have gotten off the ground. For this reason, our family has enthusiastically agreed to have the organization, Chickens for Shabbos, named after my father. This is not simply a fundraising gimmick. My father put his soul and heart into founding this invaluable project.

I urge you to support Chickens For Shabbos to the fullest extent possible. Hashem should award you with brachah and hatzlachah. You will also bring happiness to the countless individuals who look to CFS to make their life a bit easier.

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld

 Visit  to place a donation, or mail to Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills / Tzedakah Fund 150-05 70th Road, Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367.