As Rosh HaShanah approached, many of us were busy planning our davening, our meals, and getting our thoughts together.

But there were those who were thinking of others. Kew Gardens Hills Kares, a volunteer group made up of a handful of extremely thoughtful men and women, took upon themselves to send a gift of a honey dish delivered to the homes of women living alone. These are the same volunteers who delivered flowers to that same group back in the early spring.

The founder of ZeLozeh, which incredibly arranged shopping for those unable to shop during the outbreak of the coronavirus, arranged for an organized system of shofar blowing throughout the community on Sunday afternoon. Ably helped by Shabsie Saphirstein of Chazaq and the QJL, this made the Yom Tov complete for so many people unable to hear shofar in shul this year.

We in KGH should be proud of the great sources of chesed in our midst. May their wonderful kindness serve all of klal Yisrael well for the year 5781!

By Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld