Congresswoman Grace Meng met with rabbis and lay leaders to discuss issues affecting the Queens Jewish community. The meeting focused on possible methods to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments, which has been recently and increasingly rearing its ugly head.

Standing, left to right:

Rabbi Daniel Pollack, Special Community Liaison for Congresswoman Meng; Rabbi Barry Kornblau, YI of Hollis Hills-Windsor Park; Dr. Howard Neiman, AIPAC; Shimi Pelman, President of Tomchei Shabbos of Queens; Rabbi Gerald Skolnick, Forest Hills JC; Rabbi David Wise, Hollis Hills-Bayside Jewish Center; Rabbi Hayim Schwartz, EVP, RSA; Aaron Cyperstein, President of Chaverim of Queens and Managing Director of Legal and External Affairs of Met Council; Rabbi Avrohom Hecht, Project LEAD; David Steinberg, NORPAC; Rabbi Moses Birnbaum, Jewish Center of KGH; Rabbi Ashie Schreier, Young Israel of Forest Hills; Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, YI Queens Valley; Yaniv Meirov, Chazaq; Jonathon Zalisky and Rabbi David Keehn of Queens Jewish Community Council.

Seated, left to right:

Dina Steinberg, NORPAC; Congresswoman Grace Meng; Aviva Hoch, Shalom Task Force; Cynthia Zalisky, QJCC