Mr. Pedro Tahay, who worked at the Wasserman Supermarket for the past 24 years serving our community, recently passed away from COVID-19.

He worked as the stock manager and he was in charge of thousands of items that were purchased for the store. Mr. Shulem Brach, the store manager, shared, “He was a kind and happy person. He liked to make everybody laugh. He liked to see everyone smile.” The employees at Wasserman’s are all so saddened by this terrible loss.

He was a very conscientious worker, and he learned Jewish customs from working in the store so long. He knew how to look up if something was kosher for Pesach.

Mrs. Malkie Itzkowitz shared how she knew Mr. Tahay and his brother Jose Tahay over the past two decades. She has been shopping at Wasserman’s since the store first opened. Mr. Tahay would push her groceries over to her house. When her parents moved nearby, she would shop with her mother and he would wheel her cart to her mother’s house and carry the boxes down to the basement for her. He even knew her organization system and would place items where they belonged. “He was unbelievable. He was very kind and very respectful to my mother.”

She added that when she would shop for her mother, Pedro would escort her to her mother’s house always with a smile. He even took the opened boxes back to the store for her.

“When my mother heard that Pedro was ill, she was very upset.” She confided that her mother doesn’t know that he died, as she doesn’t have the heart to tell her.

Mrs. Itzkowitz shared that whenever she needed or wanted a particular product, Pedro would order it for her right away. She imparted, “He was a mentch.”

Pedro was 14 years older than his brother Jose, who also works at Wasserman’s and is also very respectful and kind. Sadly, he lost his brother, sister, and mother to the virus.

Our community wishes to express its deepest sympathy to Pedro Tahay’s family and the Wasserman employees on their loss. Our community appreciates the dedication and hard work that he did on behalf of our community, even during this dangerous time of COVID-19. We are grateful to the employees and managers of stores like Wasserman’s who have continued to service our community during this time. May we share only good news and simchahs.

Wasserman’s is raising funds for Pedro’s family. The community can contribute in store or can call the store at 718-544-7413 to donate.

By Susie Garber