Judges weighing in

Round the world,


It’s touching to see

How much they care;

Ukraine collapsing

Under Russian assault:

Their conclusion,

This is all, somehow, Israel’s fault.


It’s like the Holocaust



Where were you all then?!


The nations at war,

Three thousand miles

From Jerusalem;

Israel shares no borders

With them,

No troops, no involvement

On any scale,

Yet it falls on the shoulders

Of Israel!


US Senator Lindsey Graham

Came out like a battering ram

In righteous anger:

The Senator bristles,

How dare Israel refuse

To supply Stinger missiles!

These surface-to-air missiles

Are American armament;

It’s Graham’s job to supply them

If he wants them sent.


230 tons

Of humanitarian aid,

Bulletproof ambulances,

A field hospital,

A cavalcade;

Thousands of refugees admitted,

Israel still deemed inadequate,

Plus, this war’s whole outcome

Depends on it.


In proportion, India

Is a country of 1.3 billion,

Compared to Israel

Which has 6.5 million.

India buys Russian oil,

Didn’t condemn the invasion,

But India faces

No scathing suasion.


Then there’s France,

Ten times Israel’s size

Proportionally, far fewer refugees

Taken in.

But, in the world’s eyes,

They face no accusation,

No media abuse,


India and France

Aren’t populated by Jews!


Israel, you rush to each disaster,

The most generous, by far;

Yet, the more you bleed

The happier they are.


Constant terror attacks,

These same critics persist,

Denying Israel’s right

To even exist;

Villainized, even as you are victimized,

While the “watchdogs of humanity”

Spin slanderous lies.



Hope you enjoy your fame,

It’ll be gone much faster

Than it came.

Do you think Ukraine

Will be loyal to you?

To them, you’re just

Another Jew!

Hope Israel tells you

That you’ve cashed

Your last ticket;

There is no reward

For helping the wicked.


Hashem made the world

His plaything;

When we were freed and saved,

Listening to the nations

Only keeps us enslaved.


It all becomes clear

Once we understand:

It’s not about the Arabs,

It’s not about the land;

The hate is, and always was


Of the crusade to destroy

HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s Nation.

By Sharon Marcus