Who established Democracy?

Were you taught

That it was

The ancient Greeks?

Long before, the facts belie,

Valid civil law came from Sinai;

Greek Democracy

Was incomplete

Pertaining only

To the elite.


The ancient man-made laws


The privileged,

Leaving the rest


Modern civic law


To the merciless,

Serving justice

Even less.


Mishpatim expounds

Laws of society,

Infusing the mundane

With piety,

Every member given

Rights and dignity,

Slaves, women, and children

Across the board,

Precious children of the L-rd.


Our forefathers

Kept Hashem’s laws

Since way back when;

Why the Revelation

At Sinai, then?


Hashem first spoke as “Anochi”

Ana Nafshi Ketavis Yehavis

“I have written My Self

Into this Torah.”

Together with My children

In the fiery law,

Israel partners

In the master plan

To glorify the sons of man.


The laws of Sinai,

G-d-given, blessed –

Luminesced with holiness,

Hashem’s Authorship,


To serve justice with mercy

Making all the difference.


The Torah, a divine gift,

A unique collective,

History and a narrative

Combined, a blueprint

On how to live

A life of balance,

Truth and justice;

All of man’s wisdom

Stems from this.


Fortunate are we

Who stood

At Sinai, the inception

Of our nationhood

Empowered to bring

The world great good,

To bring about Mashiach’s advent,

To draw heaven closer

With the earth’s ascent.


Remember Mount Sinai,

Its aspiration

A kingdom of priests

And a holy nation;

It is not asked of us

To achieve perfection,

But, we “signed the contract” –

May we keep the connection!

By Sharon Marcus