Yaakov’s life was all hard knocks,

Filled with ordeals and aftershocks,

Family agendas and aggravations,

Trauma and drama,

Trials and tribulations.


Memories of Yosef,

His long-lost son,

Filled Yaakov with trepidation;

He’d seen Yosef’s fine coat

Bloody and torn;

How could he have sent him

To face his brothers’ scorn?


Building the 12 Tribes

Had been Yaakov’s life mission,

But it would never reach fruition;

The Sh’chinah was gone

From that sad day forward,

Prophecy departed,

No song or music was heard.


Then one day, Yaakov did hear

The notes of a song

Reviving his spirit;

As they drifted along,

It was Asher’s daughter, Serach,

Yaakov’s grandchild,

Singing the news of Yosef

In a voice sweet and mild.

It was the gentle balm needed

To diffuse the shock;

Chains of grief on his heart

Began to unlock.


Yosef was alive!

Ruling over all Egypt,

Risen to viceroy,

It was all in the script!

The suffering he’d gone through,

The pain of defeat;

The tribes would assemble,

United, complete.


As Yaakov processed Serach’s message,

His logic held it aloof;

Then the Torah they’d last learned,

Gave ironclad proof:

Yosef’s Torah, unforsaken,

Was to Yaakov, more thrilling

Than the news

That Yosef had become king!


To all of you Republicans

Who lost your grip,

Who rolled over

And abandoned ship,

After benefiting for many years

In lucrative political careers,

Who sold out; you’ve become a party to theft,

Sold out Democracy to the Socialist left.

All you cowardly, bureaucratic heavy-hitters,

You’re nothing but a bunch of quitters!

The US may survive,

For we keep hope alive,

But your standing will take

A deserved nose-dive!


Sometimes it may seem

That life is cold,

The hand we’ve been dealt

Is meant to fold;

Give up already,

All is lost, we’re told.


Sometimes we’re stuck

In a holding pattern,

Ambiguous, as the rings of Saturn;

But through every blow and aberration,

The Rock of Yaakov

Is the Shield of our salvation;

Filled with troubles, his whole life,

Yaakov had no exemption,

But his persistence through hardship

Led to redemption.


Let’s try to remember Serach’s song

When our burdens are heavy;

The road troubled and long

As Yaakov heard it way back when.

May we hear Serach’s song again,

Softly dispelling all the hurt and lies,

Bringing light and gladness to our eyes.

By Sharon Marcus