The Syrian-Greeks were the culture elite,

Had an army that never knew defeat –

An empire of knowledge and sophistication,

Philosophy and cultivation.

But they warred against their countrymen,

City to city;

Killed the old and the weak,

Enslaved, without pity.


Outlawed the Torah and Judaism,

Slaughtered pigs to idols of paganism.

The Beis HaMikdash was thereby defiled;

By the tenets of Hellenism

Our faith was reviled.


They represented the progress

Of a new modern age.

Adherence to the old ways

Was met with rage.

Bris Milah, words of Torah,

Could be your last breath.

The penalty for observance

Of the Torah was death.


New Progressives may now lead

The United States:

A contemporary age,

Imposing “new” dictates.

Marriage deconstruction,

“Racial justice,” the “privileged,” cowed.

Murder at the birthstool,

Pharaoh would be proud.

Income equality – all you worked for annulled,

Pride for the American Dream,

Your heritage – canceled.


A G-dless culture, Socialism the “new” advent,

Enforced restrictions, laws and politics,

No disagreement, no dissent.

The favored: violent and lawless,

But they are exempt.

The Torah is held archaic,

And viewed with contempt.


The issue now most relevant:

Is Joe Biden really president?

Facts increasing, in his criminal case,

Kamala Harris, more than ready

To take his place.

He was always no more than a mannequin

Set up just to get Kamala in,

To be taken down

Once they hoaxed his win.


Hashem, You’ve caused events

To turn on a dime.

Though this road nears its end,

There is still time

To put a halt, or at least slow

This evil progression,

The new Hellenists now poised

To take possession.


HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

Your mention may soon be verboten.

But Chanukah’s the time, we remember when

The odds seemingly made

The final outcome certain

But for Your Eternal People,

There is no final curtain.


We will keep our faith now,

As we did long ago.

For You keep faith in us,

In light and shadow.

Recalling that all is from You,

As we kindle each flame.

We’ll be strong for each other,

And for Your Great Name.

By Sharon Marcus