Trickery is always in vogue

When one is dealing with a rogue;

No shortage of swindlers

Liars, and cheaters,

Twisted as Twizzlers,

Common as muni-meters.


Yaakov’s odyssey of smoke and mirrors began

When he went to seek a wife

Among kin in Charan.

Yaakov loved Rachel,

Worked seven years for her hand –

For her father, the trickster,

The crooked Lavan.

On their wedding night,

Lavan, the chiseler,

Replaced Rachel with Leah her sister.

There it was, the switcheroo,

The town in cahoots

With great ballyhoo.

Celebrating the sham, the laughing cohorts couldn’t tell,

That Lavan had ripped them off, as well!


There were many complacent, just like in Charan,

Before the presidential race began.

Democrats implemented an intricate plan,

Capable of switching the winner, with their man.

After four years of attempts at subversion,

They began their voter fraud incursion.


Though Hashem has begun to turn the tide,

Fake news is doubly amplified.

The floodgates flown open,

Ample proof abounds.

Giuliani and Powell,

Proficient bloodhounds,

Judges blocking evidence, corruption rife,

America’s in for the fight of her life.


Just a chink in the armor, we’d be able to see,

Plotters come forward, seeking immunity.

If it all collapses,

Who’ll turn on whom?

Who’ll cop to their part

In the big switcheroo?


You look tired, Sleepy Joe,

Slurred whatever you said.

You deserve a nice vacay,


With your friends at “Club Fed.”

One comrade may blink

Another may cough,

Right when you’ll be so close

To pulling it off.

To stealing the election

By hijacking the votes.

To forcing your Socialist bunk

Down our throats.

Software investigation,

Twenty-eight states wide.

Cheaters shouldn’t get do-overs;

They should be disqualified!


When the smoke clears, what profit remains,

For those who tamper with election campaigns?

Those who blur and obscure, actions Hashem disdains,

Like Lavan the trickster’s ill-gotten gains.

Vaporized, the outcome as Hashem willed it,

Except the L-rd build the house,

They labor in vain that build it.

If Hashem grants success

To their switcheroo bid,

We must acquiesce,

As Yaakov did.

But until HaKadosh Baruch Hu renders

That final score,

Let’s keep hope alive;

This is worth fighting for!


By Sharon Marcus