Dear Editor:

Reading Warren Hecht’s recent article entitled “Standards” leaves me scratching my head and wondering, Does Warren Hecht read what he himself is writing?

In the very article in which he advocates for objective standards he (yet again) seeks to vilify Trump while going out of his way to exonerate Biden and Co. for their obvious malfeasance. Somehow, in Mr. Hecht’s twisted world, it is “just” for one side to suppress evidence while unjust for the other side to do so. In this world, it is seemingly okay for only certain former presidents or vice presidents to possess classified documents but illegal for others to do so.

In Mr. Hecht’s “just” world, when certain officials blatantly use their government position as leverage to pressure foreign entities and thereby enrich their progeny, we are asked to turn a blind eye; but while others make even the vaguest of references to misuse of power, they should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent, even based on mere speculation.

In this backwards world, it is acceptable for the President to weaponize the DOJ and FBI to be used as his personal henchmen – but only when the “Mafia Don” in charge is a Democrat, as Biden is, but not when it’s a Republican like Nixon. Then and only then is such an act worthy of prosecution in his mind. I don’t know what else Mr. Hecht could say to sound more hypocritical. G-d save us from these “standards”!

While I, too, yearn for a more objective and just world, it is certainly not for the clown world of absurdly partisan politics and blatant double standards for which Mr. Hecht advocates and for which he serves as its self-appointed, unceasingly devoted defender.

 Eli Azulai


Dear Editor:

Wish you could be the next billionaire? Well, watch out for what you wish for. As Shlomo HaMelech, who knew a thing or two about being rich, said, “One who has lots of money has lots of worries.”

Calm down. I am your free financial adviser. (Okay, I didn’t go to Wharton, but I did go to Stern, albeit not the NYU one.) First off, half of your lottery winnings go to your Uncle Sam. After that, pay off your outrageous Con Ed and gas and electric bill. Then, make Janet Yellin happy and pay off your mortgage with its accompanying 7% interest rate. Next, give maaser to your favorite charities (no, not Donald Trump’s campaign). That leaves some money left over for your kids’ or grandkids’ yeshivah tuition. Wait a minute! Don’t forget their Ivy League or Jewish Ivy League (YU) tuition. Also, don’t forget the pause on student loans that was just lifted.

You’re an only child? Don’t worry. Winning the lottery will automatically increase the number of family members you have. You’re an introvert who has avoided social contact for his/her entire life? Again, winning the lottery will make you as popular as Barbie and Ken. Nobody listens to you when you speak? A billion dollars will make you an oracle.

Don’t forget! Real estate, real estate, real estate. I suggest you move from the wrong side of Main Street (Consult a map for east or west) to the better side of Main Street. Buy homes near your children. Get several apartments in Israel. Buy a home in West Hempstead just because. Don’t forget to hire a property manager to manage taxes and upkeep.

Are you getting tired? Stroll along Fifth and Madison Avenues, and with your head held high, enter the fancy stores. Act like you’re plain Jane and have the salespeople look down at you. Then, like Oprah Winfrey, sue the stores for discrimination, but not before you buy 265 Birkin bags – one for each day of the year minus Shabbasos, yamim tovim, and the Three Weeks.

My wish for you lottery winners is to be well and wealthy.

 Debbie Horowitz


Dear Editor:

Mr. Hecht’s column last week looks like it belonged more in The New York Times or Washington Post, not the Queens Jewish Link. His partisanship runs so deep that his analysis is that of a legal analyst on MSNBC or CNN. Professor Alan Dershowitz, a registered Democrat, has said that this is all a political hit job. It doesn’t come close to the Nixon standard. The case against Trump is not overwhelming by any stretch. His first impeachment was based on a phone call to Ukraine, with which, it turns out, he was trying to uncover the corruptness of none other than Joe Biden. It was the entire intelligence community and the Democrat bureaucrats in Washington who started impeachment to protect Joe Biden.

Mr. Hecht’s “charges” against President Trump are completely bogus. A) We have Joe Biden on tape saying that he bribed Ukraine and would withhold $1 billion if the prosecutor looking into Burisma wasn’t fired. B) Donald Trump is allowed to challenge an election, like any member of Congress usually does. In fact, he can have a separate slate of electors chosen, and it is up to Congress to choose which electors to pick. C) He can declassify anything; he is the President. D) A general warrant was issued and that will be challenged in court, completely violating the Fourth Amendment. E) Mute – nothing was erased. F) He took them, which makes them declassified, so it no longer matters who sees them. None of this is illegal.

Joe Biden is clearly directing Merrick Garland and the DOJ to go after Trump, because the Republicans are getting closer and closer to HIM and HIS criminality. You don’t use burner phones and create two dozen LLCs to receive millions of dollars from Chinese energy companies, and corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine and Moscow, unless you’re trying to hide something nefarious. Devon Archer just implicated Joe Biden as a co-conspirator in the FARA case against Hunter Biden. These are real crimes, not phony ones.

The agreement between Hunter Biden and the DOJ fell apart because the judge wasn’t an Obama judge in DC. Rather, she clearly saw that the two sides were in cahoots and she was not going to rubber stamp a bogus agreement. Good for her. This is unlike the judge in Trump’s latest case, who should recuse herself due to several conflicts of interest. Yoni Netanyahu wrote, “They want to believe, so they believe. They want not to see, so they distort.” This perfectly encapsulates the Left in America today in regard to Donald Trump.

 Shalom Markowitz


Dear Editor:

During the many hot summer days, New York City and Nassau County open up cooling centers to assist New Yorkers with excessive heat. Many seniors and others are frequent visitors to their local library. In too many cases, they don’t open until noon, close by 6 p.m., or remain closed on Sundays. With a $107 billion-plus municipal budget, surely a few million dollars can be found for extending library hours. Why not have all libraries open six days per week, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., during the summer? Seniors, retirees, students, and others would be appreciative. Elected officials who find the funding are welcome to have their local library post signs by the entrance that “these longer hours are thanks to funding provided by your local New York City Council member. This just might be the incentive for NYC Council members to do the right thing and find the funding necessary to take advantage of this underutilized asset.

Larry Penner


Dear Editor:

Rabbi Schonfeld wrote in his August 3 opinion article, entitled “No Thank You,” regarding acknowledging with sending a written thank-you note to each giver, for the gifts received by a bar mitzvah “man” and also for the gifts received by a chasan and kallah (groom and bride). What Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld wrote in the name of his father is so important for derech eretz, great civility.

I advocate that the recipients should have generic printed thank-you notes with them. Then, as they receive their gift, they can hand the giver the thank-you notes at the simchah – sometimes, if possible, to write in the name and any personal comment to the giver as they feel fit. However, the one being honored may not have the free time to write.

Moreover, another approach is if the giver and the recipient can make sure that there is an accompanying email address of the giver. Yes, an email is not so personal, but in our day and age, we can have direct – albeit semi-impersonal – swift communication. Imagine the time and cost to send out 200 letters (at 66 cents each) plus the cards – it takes you up to $300. Maybe, maybe the direct hand delivery and the email can have written the following: “Instead of personally mailing a thank you note, the money saved is donated to tz’dakah on your behalf. It all adds up! Thank you.”

Moreover, the standard for the future at simchah halls: At the entrance to the hall, they can have a sign-in sheet (private only for the baalei simchah), so those attending can write their name and email address to be used by the simchah person(s) to communicate a thank-you communication at a later time.

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld has honored his father who, in this article, reflected his father’s sensitivity of the necessity of communicational derech eretz towards others. We are now in Galus Edom (Exile of Edom) – Genesis 36:1 “Eisav is Edom.” Eisav had one very special merit, which is hard for anyone to reach. He honored/served his father on a very high level. Eisav dressed in his finest clothing as he served his father Yitzchak (Midrash). Thus, to help extract ourselves from our Galus (a counter-force to Eisav’s merit), our children should be taught to perform additional honor at least twice every week, by offering to serve their parent(s) as follows:

“Daddy/Mommy (Aba/Ima) what would you like to drink: a glass of water, tea, coffee, or some juice...”

May the Queens Jewish Link continue with strength.

Shlomo Grafstein


Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Warren Hecht’s article “Need to Drill Down.” Warren accuses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of being an anti-Semite.

Here are the facts. Kennedy cited a study that claims that COVID-19 seemed to have a greater impact on Blacks and Caucasians and a lesser impact on Jews and Chinese. He specifically stated that he does not know if it was deliberate. When called out on this, Kennedy stated that he in no way was trying to imply that Jews were somehow responsible for the COVID outbreak. He also stated that he supports Jews and Israel, and he is more pro-Israel and pro-Jewish than the Democratic Party. Right on! Warren has no problem with a Democratic Party who calls Israel a racist state or who calls Jews anti-American parasites. Every Democratic in the House supported Omar when she spewed her filthy anti-Semitism. The Democrats have no right to use the term anti-Semitism about anyone but themselves.

Warren also supports Biden’s efforts to use his DOJ to target his political opponents. Warren thinks this is normal. I agree. It is normal in North Korea; the USA is supposed to be free. The DOJ is supposed to be working for the United States, not the Democratic Party. Warren is happy to get his revenge on Trump for all the great things he did for Jews and Israel. Trump arranged the Abraham Accords, Trump stopped payments to Palestinian terrorists, Trump worked to stop anti-Semitism in colleges, Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and Trump stopped the horrible Iran Deal. Warren loves those who hate Jews, and he hates those who love Jews. I cannot understand him or other Jews who vote Democratic.

 Martin Berkowitz


Dear Editor:

Several letter-writers have written in to the QJL the past few weeks, criticizing our leadership’s response to the COVID pandemic and the lack of contrition of any sort for the devastation that ensued from their poor decisions. While the previous silence on this topic was disturbing, the Queens Jewish Link deserves a lot of credit for allowing the shining of light on the issue.

In analyzing the botched response to COVID, it’s worth breaking down the reactions of the various parties into separate categories:

1) Dr. Fauci – The overwhelming evidence has shown (and the majority of our government, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, believe) that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Lab where Dr. Fauci and/or his underlings were performing gain-of-function research on coronaviruses. Emails released through FOIA have shown us the great lengths Dr. Fauci went through, to cover up what at the time was called the lab leak “theory.” Fauci lied about the efficacy of masks, pushed for mass lockdowns, and refused to acknowledge natural immunity for years. In Congressional testimony, Dr. Fauci refused to reveal the extent of the windfall he received from the pharmaceutical companies for promoting his terribly flawed “solution” of achieving herd immunity through experimental COVID vaccines, all while ignoring natural immunity of previously infected people for years. Fauci has revealed himself to be a habitual liar, narcissist, and completely lacking any integrity. Expecting any sort of apology from this miscreant is completely unrealistic.

2) A local Rabbi Dr. – His dual credentials of being a rabbi as well as an infectious disease expert made this doctor the local face of the pandemic response. He was and to this day remains, in lockstep with the CDC, despite all of their horrific mistakes over the past few years. His belief in the FDA, and ardent support for COVID vaccines as the only solution, blinded him to the potential pitfalls an experimental vaccine could have on millions of people. In multiple Zoom meetings, he responded very harshly to those who questioned the wisdom of experimental vaccines, going on to say that “the MRNA shots had no significant issues...and the shot absolutely prevents the transmission of COVID.” Needless to say, neither his vaccine efficacy comments, nor his comparison of COVID passports to the bigdei k’hunah, have aged well. His pushing of masks in shul for unvaccinated people remained in effect well after his unwavering belief in the efficacy and safety of the vaccines proved to be mistaken. One can only speculate as to why he has not made public retractions or even modifications to some of the more dubious claims, be it loss of prestige or political pressure. I, for one, would respect his authority so much more if he would just come clean and issue a clear statement on the mistakes of the past and what is being done to prevent them from recurring.

3) People who got the COVID vaccine and suffered no harm – The people in this category probably have COVID fatigue at this point. Yes, they were good soldiers, followed orders, and took the vaccine; and yes, they were fortunate enough to suffer no harm; so what’s all the fuss about? For the most part, these people are not getting boosters, and they wonder: Can’t we just move things along? Why all the need to rehash the 2020-2022 debacle?

4) The people who were harmed by COVID vaccines – This group of people is the one I truly cannot understand. Some of these people suffered devastating injuries and, for the most part, refuse to say anything about it. I liken the people in this category to Trump supporters in 2016. They had no problem pulling the lever for Trump behind closed doors, but never admitted to doing so in any poll. Anecdotally, I can tell you my best friend’s resting heart rate has never been the same since he took the COVID shot, and my neighbor suffered a stroke shortly after receiving his second dose. Neither of them speaks publicly about what they endured.

Natural immunity is something we have known about for hundreds of years, yet our medical establishment pretended it did not exist for a few years. At this point, pretty much everyone knows someone who has suffered a vaccine injury or worse. How much longer do we have to wait until that is acknowledged?

 Jason Stark


Dear Editor:

Concerning my story in last week’s edition on the Chabad of West Hempstead, a correction needs to be printed. Mickey and Joni Nathanson are not the 12th family to settle in West Hempstead’s Jewish community. They are the 112th family registered by the Young Israel of West Hempstead. In the early years of that shul, its membership list was chronological, starting with its first member family. As its membership increased into the upper hundreds, the practice was discontinued. Besides being one of the oldest shuls in town, it is the largest in terms of membership.

Among older residents of West Hempstead, who have been living here for more than 50 years, their membership number is a testament to how much the community has grown since their arrival.

 Sergey Kadinsky


Dear Editor:

I’m reading the comments of fellow readers Choni Herschel Kantor, Jason Stark, and Shalom Markowitz as Mr. Donald J. Trump is being arraigned for trying to subvert the will of 81 million Americans to illegally remain in power.

Far from Choni’s false allegation of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the indictment is the result of Republicans (and solely Republicans) testifying under oath (something Trump can never do) about how Trump got other Republicans to lie under oath that they were the duly elected Presidential electors from Georgia and Arizona, when they secretly met to cast ballots that their own Republican governors said they were not legally entitled to do, thus denying the voters of those states to have their ballots properly counted and the results obeyed. The right to vote isn’t just actually getting to make a mark on a ballot. It includes getting the ballot counted and having the result of that vote honored. Trump illegally wanted to limit all three parts.

There is also testimony that former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle told Vice President Mike Pence (Republican) that Pence had no choice but to certify the elections of his opponents, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, just as VP’s Quayle, Richard Nixon, and Al Gore were required to do as Senate President.

And in addition to all the Republicans who have provided testimony against Trump, there are the voluminous rantings of Republican Trump that will be used as evidence against him.

This Republican testimony is why Trump has been indicted for defrauding the government, obstructing an official proceeding (January 6 electoral vote count) and a conspiracy against voters. There is no First Amendment defense to any of these charges. There is no First Amendment right to yell fire in a crowded theater, and there is no First Amendment right for a mob boss to publicly order a hit or to order a bank robbery. Similarly, nobody has the right to ask individuals not certified to cast electoral votes to do so.

Jason conveniently ignored the fact that Republican Robert Mueller found that there were obvious Russian meetings with the Trump crime family, all of whom worked in the White House.

Meanwhile, every single witness called by rabid Republican committees belied every single allegation against Hunter Biden, who has never worked for the government or served a day in office.

And while Trump clearly intends to create a constitutional crisis by pardoning himself if (G-d forbid) he gets elected again, President Biden has honorably stated he will not pardon his only surviving son.

Shalom clearly misled readers by failing to state that virtually every Democrat supported the pro-Israel resolution (and I have publicly favored primarying the few Democrats who voted against it). He also ignores the fact that almost no drug addict is jailed for lying on gun forms – and if the FBI did that, MAGA would have a fit over Second Amendment rights being violated, as well as the fact that once taxes and penalties are paid, folks who failed to pay taxes on time are not jailed. Again, MAGA would never accept the IRS jailing everyone who is late paying their taxes.

These are inescapable facts that these fellow readers have thus far ignored. But I am still hopeful that they and other fellow readers will read this and accept reality: a reality that includes the fact that Bidenomics has given us record low unemployment for a record long streak, the longest Wall Street rally in decades, inflation falling for over a year, real wages rising, lower prices for insulin, better care for our veterans under the PACT Act, and good union jobs rebuilding American Infrastructure that cannot be outsourced.

 David S. Pecoraro


Dear Editor:

Sometimes I read Warren Hecht’s column and wonder if he actually believes what he writes, resides in some parallel universe, or if his column is just one big troll and the Queens Jewish Link publishers are bonusing Mr. Hecht for whipping up the readership into a frenzy in order to beef up the letters to the editor :)

In last week’s offering, Mr. Hecht states in part that if Republicans are applying a consistent standard, then in order for President Biden to be impeached he would have to have committed worse crimes than President Trump. Mr. Hecht then lists off some of these crimes. He states Biden would have to have “threatened a foreign leader that he would hold back military aid unless the leader initiates an investigation against a political rival.” Perhaps Mr. Hecht is unaware, but in a Council on Foreign Relations discussion back in 2018, Biden bragged about threatening to withhold aid of $1 billion in US loan guarantees to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the firing of a prosecutor who was looking into the corrupt business dealings of Burisma, the company that was paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars in the Biden’s influence-peddling scheme.

Mr. Hecht then states that Biden would also need to have been “subverting and obstructing the certification of the results of the 2020 Presidential election including by falsely claiming that an election was stolen...” Perhaps Mr. Hecht is unaware, but Joe Biden has stated in the past that Al Gore won the 2000 election. Biden also called President Trump “an illegitimate President” numerous times on the campaign trail in the months leading up to the 2020 Presidential election. 

Mr. Hecht then states that Biden would also need to have “knowingly taken documents that he had no right to retain including classified documents...” Perhaps Mr. Hecht is unaware, but earlier this year, Biden was found to have been in possession of classified documents from his time as Vice President in multiple places, including the garage in one of “Middle-Class Joe’s” three homes. Unlike President Trump, Vice President Biden never had the ability to de-classify any of the documents.

Mr. Hecht then attempts to normalize the sweetheart deal Hunter Biden got from prosecutors. As if any person not named “Biden” who didn’t pay the IRS millions in taxes owed, unlawfully possessed a firearm, unlawfully possessed drugs, didn’t register as a foreign agent before acting as one and being the bag man for the largest corruption scheme involving a President in the history of this country would have escaped prison time.

Mr. Hecht ends his column lamenting the current situation, stating without even a trace of self-awareness that he “longs for the days when leadership and much of the country were able to look at the situation objectively.” A column this biased never ended more ironically. 

In the immortal words of Joe Biden: C’mon, man!

 Doniel Behar