Dear Editor:

I am surprised at all this hullabaloo around Mrs. Krantz’s article. I am even more surprised that no one has suggested any solutions. People are just debating whether or not it was right of Mrs. Krantz to bring up this issue and whether or not KGH is a good place to raise your family now.

I would like to put forth a potential option, which while I can’t fund it today, maybe someone else can. If there was a fund that would put forth up to $200,000 per household in need in exchange for a percentage of equity equal or a little greater than the amount put in. Then, when this house is sold, the Gemach would get back its money plus whatever percentage houses increased in the time. Even if they also charged one percent or so in addition to the equity to cover costs, it would be much better than the banks offer. Obviously, this would need people to run it and fund it. But if the price of housing is a problem that is causing young people to leave, which it does seem to be (although the question remains, how big a problem is it to the future of KGH), then we should be trying to come up with solutions.


Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld for his “Open Letter to Liberals” and his response to David Bart. I am one of the Rabbi’s biggest fans, and I love reading his articles. Rabbi Schonfeld has shown the light of truth on the evils of liberalism. I would also like to express my opposition to the arrogant and disrespectful statements made by Mr. Bart. Mr. Bart wrote to Rabbi Schonfeld, “You apparently refuse to let facts get in the way of a good argument, and you attempt to excuse it because of your emotions.” Not only is this statement patently false, it is Mr. Bart who has the wrong facts.

Mr. Bart stated, “First you badly mischaracterize the law. You suggest that under the law someone has to be freed if no physical harm results from his or her crime. That is simply wrong.”

I’m sorry, Mr. Bart, but Rabbi Schonfeld is simply right! The bail law passed in 2019 ended cash bail for non-violent crimes with few exceptions, such as sexual crimes and witness tampering. The law was later modified to add some additional exemptions. Rabbi Schonfeld made the point that this new bail law is good for the criminals and bad for the victims. I agree, and so should any normal person. In addition, I wish to point out that this bail law is only the tip of the iceberg. Vice President Kamala Harris praised the “brilliance” and “impact” of Black Lives Matter, without criticizing the ongoing violence at rallies held in the organization’s name in cities across the country, nor the shooting of two police officers in Louisville. Harris stated that “I actually believe that ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system.” This type of statement is a clear support of violence. Thirteen members of Biden’s campaign staff donated to bail out rioters and looters in Minnesota. You cannot deny the truth. Liberals support violent criminals. The liberals are also calling for defunding the police. Need I say more?

Next, Mr. Bart said, “I would just note that the Torah requires us to protect and care for widows and orphans and help and support the poor and needy, which liberals have done for many years and conservatives regularly oppose.”

This statement is nonsense. Mr. Bart is implying that liberalism is consistent with Torah values. What is he talking about? Is he referring to the liberals’ support for partial birth abortions? How about forcing people to accept gay marriage? How about sending money to the Palestinian Authority to be used to pay for murdering Israeli Jews? The values of Liberalism and Torah values are mutually exclusive. You can follow one or the other – not both.

Finally, Mr. Bart said, “Torah principles tell us that telling the truth is a clear and unequivocal mandate and that mistruths and distortions are anathema.”

Please speak for yourself and stop giving sermons.

I would also like to respond to Warren Hecht’s article.

Warren stated that “President Biden told reporters on Wednesday that Israel has the right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory.” Warren uses this as proof that Biden supports Israel. Warren forgets to mention that Biden caused this tragedy by promising to end the sanctions on Iran. Biden also restored funding to the Palestinian Authority with the full knowledge that these funds will be used to pay for the murder of Jews. Biden also praised the “Squad” for their support of the Palestinian people. The “Squad” supports Hamas and want to destroy Israel. Biden is a not a supporter of Israel; he is only a pretender.

Hecht also stated that “in the last week’s issue of QJL there were eight quotes from Democrats and none of them were senators.” The Queens Jewish Link did not present any pro-Israel quotes from Democratic senators because they do not exist. The Democratic senators supported Hamas not Israel. Senator Sanders introduced a bill that would bar all arms sales to Israel and defund the Iron Dome. Senators Bob Menendez and Elizabeth Warren, and other Democratic senators, attacked Israel for killing the Palestinians. No Democratic senator stood up for Israel. Schumer’s response to the Hamas rockets was “ .” He refused to defend Israel because he is afraid that AOC will primary him.

A motion to condemn Hamas for the rockets was blocked by the Democrats in the House. Please do not say that the Democratic Party supports Israel. Warren wants to marginalize the anti-Semites in the Democratic Party. That is impossible because the anti-Semites are the Democratic Party. If you are pro-Jewish, vote Republican. If you support anti-Semitism then vote Democrat. It’s as simple as that.

The mainstream anti-Semitic media, such as CNN, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have all taken the side of Iran and Hamas. In fact, Adeel Raja, a freelance contributor for CNN, tweeted, “The world needs another Hitler.” Through the years, Raja has praised Hitler for the murder of six million Jews.

Finally, we get to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Both groups express solidarity with Hamas and are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism. The Democratic Party strongly supports them. The Democrats used to support Israel; unfortunately, the radical left has taken over the Democratic Party and they are demanding Jewish blood. This hatred of Jews and Israel is encouraging Palestinian supporters to beat up Jews in the US. It is time for people like Warren Hecht and David Bart to wise up and leave the Democratic Party.

 Mark Burgur

Dear Editor:

BREAKING: Supreme Court cancels itself after discovering ties to slavery (Satire)

WASHINGTON, DC—Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts announced that the Supreme Court of the United States is canceling itself after discovering its historical ties to slavery.

“I’ve recently unearthed some really disturbing information,” Roberts said, while stomping on a copy of the Constitution. “I had no idea the Supreme Court was instrumental in upholding slavery, which eventually led the nation to civil war. I’m starting to only realize now how the Court has been a vehicle of systemic racism in this country, and has been a stain on our nation’s history ever since.

Therefore, by the powers vested in me by the Constitution, I am officially abolishing the United States Supreme Court.”

Following Roberts’ announcement, President Biden swept right into action, creating a brand-new Supreme Court to which he added 100 liberal-Democratic justices with lifetime appointments. All justices must swear an oath of allegiance to George Floyd, and must take their oath of office while placing their right hand on the Communist Manifesto.

The new court will be called “The Court of Supreme Wokeness.”

 Rafi Metz

Dear Editor:

I waited a whole week to see if Goldy answered Chaya, the young woman who wanted her parents to support her and her future husband while she lived the life of a kollel couple in Eretz Yisrael. Goldy did not disappoint. I would have liked for Goldy to have been a little harsher and direct with Chaya, but Goldy did tell Chaya:

1 – to ask herself if she wants to live the life of a kollel wife, because it seems that as soon as her parents withdrew their original offer, Chaya went into hysterics.

2 – Goldy pointed out that Chaya’s dream of being a kollel wife is not destroyed, as Chaya had wailed and cried in her letter – only that it will be a more realistic life, because her parents won’t be as helpful as they wanted to be.

3 – Leave your siblings out of your situation. Chaya wants her parents to pull the carpet out from under struggling families just because they told her she has to reevaluate if she wants to struggle to be a kollel wife. How selfish can this woman be by wanting her parents to stop helping everyone because they can’t help her in the future.

4 – Goldy said she wouldn’t read into the way Chaya wrote about COVID not really affecting her family, but affecting her parents and her plans as a huge inconvenience. But I read it like that! I’m sure Goldy wanted to tell this girl to grow up and not to refer to a worldwide pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands and bankrupted countless people and businesses as a little blip on her radar – “There’s a hurricane outside, but I wanted to have a picnic today. No fair!” – because that is how Chaya truly sounded like.

Hopefully Chaya took Goldy’s words to heart and will think long and hard about her “plan” and the way she approaches life and what G-d has in store for all of us. I can’t understand how immature and shallow Chaya came off sounding in her letter. But at least Goldy told her what had to be said. This girl needs to listen – and have another discussion with her parents about life!

 Lenny Moskowitz

Dear Editor:

We have just returned from Sinai, so to speak, having celebrated Shavuos. I would like to share with you the most exhilarating experience I have had in shul. As usual, I spent Shavuos with my father in Washington Heights and we davened at Khal Adas Yeshurun, otherwise known as Breuer’s. The choir came together for the first time since March 2020 to sing! In my imagination, I was transported to the Beis HaMikdash, hearing the L’viim sing Hallel. I appreciate the formality of the service, where the L’viim wash the hands of the kohanim in front of the congregation before they bless the k’hilah. Everything is done in a dignified way and everyone has his role to play in the service.

We had one kohen to bless the congregation; however, everyone sang the melodies together and the kohen recited the words of the brachah Y’varech’cha, etc. The flowers adorning the bimah were amazing. There was a crown of flowers above where the Torah is read. Large plants stood on either side of the aron kodesh. Branches of evergreen were draped along the women’s balcony. The women can see everything that is going on down below. It is a sight to behold.

Most important, the quiet during the davening brings to mind the phrase, kol d’mamah dakah. I am so grateful to Hashem that I have the opportunity to come home and see the same service that I grew up with. My description does not do justice to the experience. I invite anyone who wishes to spend a Shabbos in Washington Heights, to contact me through the Queens Jewish Link. I will be more than glad to find you hospitality, in memory of my dear husband Marshall Epstein who excelled in hachnasas orchim.

 Rachel Epstein

Dear Editor:

I am flummoxed and flabbergasted over the brouhaha launched by the suggestion that anyone moving out of Kew Gardens Hills because the family can get a better deal elsewhere or get more room for less money is somehow a disloyal traitor. As far as I know, there are very few places that have permanent k’dushah: Eretz Yisrael, a shul, a yeshivah or beis midrash, and the kever of a tzadik. Kew Gardens Hills is not on that list. Here in Hillcrest, where I have lived for many years, most Ashkenazim are over 60. We are an aging community and people leave for various reasons. When someone moves to West Hempstead, Florida, or makes aliyah, we wish them tzeischem l’shalom, brachah, and hatzlachah. No one insists that they must stay here until the Mashiach comes. Why doesn’t Kew Gardens Hills do that? I grew up in Hillside, New Jersey, a block away from Newark. In the late 1960s, within about two years, the entire Jewish population left the Weequahic section where Jews had lived for decades, for various sociological reasons. I heard the same thing about Brownsville, Brooklyn, and several Bronx neighborhoods. Moral of the story: Things change, people move, and life goes on.

 Samuel Kosofsky

Dear Editor:

I want to thank Goldy for how she answered Chaya regarding the fact that she will now have to struggle and actually work and not live the fantasy that she has always imagined to live a life she always dreamed about – being a kollel wife. Doesn’t Chaya know life and reality is much harder than the fantasy people imagine it to be? When the rent is due and the only thing to eat for dinner is pasta or cereal, does she expect to ask her Tatty and Mommy for more money? Chaya said she is willing to work while her husband will learn. But it will be work; does she fully understand that?

If Chaya was sitting in front of me, I would ask her why she wants a life only if her parents can help her live it. I would tell her to grow up and realize that her father (and mother) have already worked and paid their dues. It’s generous that they want to help, but to demand it? That’s a huge chutzpah! Chaya sounds like so many of the 20-something-years-olds who think they know it all, have it all planned, and are entitled to what they want, just because. Because of what? I don’t understand.

Stop being a spoiled brat, put your big girl shoes on, and figure out if the life you want is really the life you want.

Good job, Goldy!

R. Blumenthal

To Our Friends and Neighbors:

This is a letter of thanks for the kindness shown to my family and me during this time of loss. Everything happened so quickly when our Ima and Savta, Mollie Vancier, Malkah bas Meir, left us. Several notifications went out “on the fly.”

It was a great comfort for our family to know that you cared and shared our burden. You showed great generosity with your time, wonderful healthful food, and monetary contributions to help buy healthful foods.

People still stop us on Main Street to ask how we’re doing. This has to be the biggest challenge anyone has to face. If you knew our Ima/Savta, the loss of such a beautiful neshamah, that challenge goes to the tenth power!

So much has flown by like a blur, but we will never forget how you were there for us. May we only share good news from now on. May Hashem give His people courage and strength!

Many thanks!

With Love of Israel,
Marcus and Vancier Family

Dear Editor:

In response to Goldy’s response to Chaya in her letter this past week, I think that Goldy was too easy on Chaya. If my kids came to me and said that they wanted to be artists and are willing to be “starving artists” because they truly believe in their skills and talent and love creating art, I probably wouldn’t be the happiest, but I would support them emotionally and financially if it came to that. But my child said he was willing to be the starving artist because he loved art and believed in himself.

Why does Chaya want to be a kollel wife if she doesn’t want all that may come along with that life? Even with two incomes it is hard to keep heads above water, but Chaya complained that her dreams were gone because she wouldn’t be supported financially. Two words for you Chaya: Grow up. Chaya’s parents worked their whole lives for what they have. They are already supporting two children – and Chaya is crying because her “cushion” is gone and not only that, but wants her siblings and their families to suffer, too? She wants her parents to withdraw their support fully from families already living a difficult life! That statement alone made me want to tell Chaya that she is not mature enough to date at all.

If I was Goldy, I would have spelled it out for Chaya very clearly: You are being selfish and immature. The world is hard, “adulting” is hard; but it’s all coming your way and you need to be able to make it on your own and not to rely on your parents who don’t have any obligation to support you. In fact, her parents can continue supporting her siblings without changing a thing; they owe you no explanation. Grow up and get to work. Literally, start working!

Who is paying for Chaya’s OT program? Will she have student loans to pay back or are her parents paying for graduate school? Goldy gave it to Chaya pretty straight on, but I would have dropped, “I say this with love...” Goldy to Chaya that her letter made her sound immature and selfish without saying those words exactly – but Chaya, come to my house and I’ll set you straight so there is no mistake. You need to grow up, get to work and figure out if you want to be a kollel wife for the right reasons or because it’s in style – from what Chaya wrote, I think her intentions are not pure – just from writing a letter like that proves it to me.

I liked the way Goldy responded, except she could have been harsher. I think a little harshness and less coddling is what Chaya needs.

 Rachel Lustman

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